Leukemia Treatment of Macrobiotic Diet Cures Leukemia in Children and Adults in Yugoslavia

This one morning I had heard 2 cases of leukemia from 2 different sources. One case of a 9 year old daughter and one case of a senior man. Ah the pitfalls of this “blood cancer.” People about to die again of ignorance. What they do not know obviously kills them. These can all be cured, if you knew how. Of course in this website we DO KNOW!

In the case of the 9 year old, her immediate family had spent all their money and savings, the 9 year old girl is now refusing the pain and agony of a 2nd round of chemotherapy… maybe the kid is smarter than the doctors? Maybe the kid’s instincts and pain and suffering is something the kid’s body and mind and spirit knows that chemotherapy is wrong?

In the case of the senior man, he and his wife are headed for the USA thinking that throwing enough money on this disease will beat this disease. Tsk tsk, they will just take his money and he will not get his cure. He will be treated, but we know he will get the wrong treatment. Chemotherapy is the wrong way. We in this website know that.

So how about some inspiring news from successful leukemia treatment cures? Let’s hear it from Curezone, a letter sender from Yugoslavia:

Leukemia cured – diet and body building

Let your body cure leukemia. Testimonial story.

Story about man who cured himself against all odds

This is a story about my good friend Petar J.

I introduced him 1987, in Belgrade, when I first started attending seminars and workshops on health foods. That time he was already cured.

In his late forty’s he was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Doctors who diagnosed him told him that he has less than 4 months of life. He started with strict health food diet called macrobiotic diet and with body building.

He stopped drinking coffee, alcohol, milk, and soft drinks. He stopped eating meat, milk products, sugar, tropical fruit, margarine and started exercising every day. I am not sure if it took him 3 or 4 months, but he was totally cured in less than 4 months.

He did not used any of the western medicine treatments.

So, instead of being dead, he went back to his doctor, and doctor made blood test. Results of blood test showed that he was totally healthy. His doctor did not believed him that it was done only with diet and exercises.

His story vas published in many Yugoslavian newspapers. The only comment doctors have had on his story was that he have had “spontaneous remission”, and that it has nothing to do with diet or with body building.

His story, and stories published in Michio Kushi’s book “Cancer Prevention Diet”, as well as the story of Dr.Anthony J. Sattilaro, have inspired thousands of people in ex Yugoslavia to try this approach in curing cancer. They were mainly learning from the books.

The first books translated in Serbo-Croatian language were books written by Michio Kushi and by Dr. Sattilaro. Thanks to those books, in Ex Yugoslavia Macrobiotic health food diet was metaphor for “Cancer Diet”.

To understand it better, here is a small story about the first health food seminar that Zlatko Pejic and Jadranka Boban were suppose to hold in Belgrade. Few weeks before seminar they were told by organizers that there will be some certain number of people on this seminar. When they came to hold seminar, there was only one third of people that were suppose to come. When they asked where are the others, the answer was:>They are dead.< For most of the people, Health food was last thing to try, after nothing else worked.

After dozens of people managed to cure cancer by following Health food macrobiotics diet, most doctors understood that “spontaneous remission” is not good enough explanation, and that diet is important factor in curing cancer. So, many of them started even recommending it, together with standard therapies.

When my mother was diagnosed with breast tumor in 1989, her doctor did not mind she try with diet.

Petar J. died 1994, after Leukemia returned. That year he was working as salesman in the coffee shop, exposed to very strong smell of coffee. He was not exercising any more. He started with drinking coffee. He forgot his cancer prevention diet. He was emotionally down.

He thought that he is healthy enough to support some coffee and some bad food. But he was not.

Disease did not give him a second chance. He died two months from the moment he was diagnosed. Diet did not help him. There was simply not enough time. His body knew how to cure cancer, but this time he did not have enough time.

But his example have inspired many people in curing and preventing diseases and his life certainly had purpose.

This story is not unique. I have meet hundreds of people who managed to cure all kind of cancers. Most of them are still alive.

It is also important to learn that if you once cure cancer, you have to be aware that cancer can come back if your diet and lifestyle are not good enough.

Our body knows how to cure cancer, but only if we give it a chance.

from: http://curezone.com/diseases/leukemia/leukemia_cured.html

and a leukemia treatment cure via diet and sun of child leukemia

Children with leukemia do not have to die !

Let your child cure leukemia .

Child with leukemia

Let their bodies cure itself.

Parents who let daughters immunity cure herself.
Cured with help of diet and sun.

In summer 1992, I was organizing one day cooking workshops in Beograd, together with my parents. Many people were interested to learn cooking and we have had almost every weekend one workshop.

On one of those workshops came man called Perica Z.

Beginning of every workshop was usually introduction. All the people introduce themselves and say a little story about themselves.

Perica said that he has come to the seminar because his only child, 4 year old daughter has Leukemia. He also told us that before she was diagnosed with leukemia, she ate ice-cream every day for more than a year.

Her mother also loved chocolate and ice-cream. She ate it a lot, before pregnancy, while pregnant and after pregnancy. He also ask me what is my opinion about some alternative cancer cure that was based on honey. I did not suggested him to use it.

Perica Z. also came on the next workshop. I suggested him that I should visit them in their house, see his daughter, see their flat and place where she sleeps, and give him more detailed recommendations for her diet.

I went to visit them already next week. I have forgotten name of his daughter, but for this story I will call her Liz.

Liz was quite lively child. Previous month she was on “Citostatics” (chemo therapy) treatment, and she has lost all her hair. While on treatment, she was very bad, but since treatment was over, she slowly recovered.

I could see that treatment have done more harm, than good. They knew that, too. Blood test was showing still very bad condition. I suggested them strict no-sweets health foods macrobiotics diet with a lot of fresh fish and burdock soups.

I also suggested them to find someone who have goat, and to give her one cup of fresh goat milk every day.

Goats in Yugoslavia are almost half-wild animals, and they eat much wider specter of plants than cows. Everything goat eats, find its way in its milk. Goat milk is very rich on omega3 Essential fatty acid and it has much more minerals and trace minerals than cow milk.

Next “Citostatics” treatment for Liz was suppose to be already in two weeks.

I told them that if she was my child, I would NEVER put her on that treatment.

Perica’s parents were living in one little town on the coast of the Adriatic sea, so I suggested him to take Liz to his parents, because living on the sunny coast was certainly much healthier than living in Belgrade and receiving chemo treatments.

I never heard again from him. He never came back to another workshop. I thought they did not accepted my suggestions and they did not want to contact me because of that.

That kind of experience I have had often with parents of seriously sick children. Most parents are not ready to take responsibility for child’s health on their own, and to say “no thanks” to doctors.

It is a great responsibility, and if they fail in their attempt to help their own child, and child die, they would never forgive themselves for not listening to doctors and at least giving a try to the standard treatments ( chemo therapy ).

Years have passed. I have moved to live in Norway and I have forgotten the story about Perica’s daughter. A year or so ago I got a call from my sister Vanja. She told me an amazing story. My sister have got a letter from her best friend living now in South Africa.

My sister’s best friend from her childhood was a girl called Spomenka, and befor war she was living in Sarajevo, in Bosnia.

When the war started in Sarajevo, Spomenka and her husband escaped to South African Republic. South African Republic was one of the few countries that have invited Bosnian refugees.

In her letter Spomenka writes about a men she introduced in South Africa. His name is Perica Z. and he has told her a story about health food and macrobiotics and about his daughter. His daughter is now fine, and he is very grateful for all the suggestions that he have got from family Stojkovic. Those suggestions have helped him save his daughter.

Many times people have said thanks for the suggestions and knowledge they got from me. But of all those thanks, Perica’s thanks mean most for me. Of all the children I met who manage to beat cancer with right diet and lifestyle, Liz was the youngest one.

I hope that Liz and her family will never again have to learn from Leukemia.

Dusan Stojkovic

from: http://curezone.com/diseases/leukemia/leukemia_child.html

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