Liver Pate: How to Make Raw Liver Pate for Maximum Nutrtition

Healthy fresh organic beef or better yet calf liver is one of those ultra high nutrition foods out there.  We are talking B12 vitamin content to the max over and above any muscle meat.  We are talking about anemia cure, cancer cure, malnutrition cures, you name it, raw calf liver is the tops.  The availability is low and the demand for calf liver is high.  But mature beef liver will do as well, just choose the bright red healthy looking livers… you have the power to choose, do not get brown muddy spent livers, yuck.

So why make liver pate?  Well, the modern urban human is just so far removed from his natural humanity he has forgotten how precious raw liver is and fails to appreciate a freshly killed animal’s liver.  His idea of liver pate comes from a can full of chemicals, preservatives and flavorings and is spread on junk food crackers or junk food bread.  So we make raw liver pate to somewhat simulate that texture and taste.

How to make raw liver pate.

Dice your raw organic liver.
Chop your red onion.
Put in blender.  Blend for a few seconds.
Put in bowl.
Add salt and pepper – optional.

Now wasn’t that quick and easy?  I give this to my children as vitamins.  My wife too.  B12 deficiencies begone!  Cancer, malnutrition, anemia?  These are the best vitamins baby… no store bought supplement can match this amount of power.

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