Cancer: Malignant Tumors vs Non-Malignant Tumors

My Uncle A’s recent plain and contrast CT-scan of chest area medical analysis says: “There is a large soft tissue mass lesion noted in the right side of the posterior mediastinum measuring approximately 7.3 x 7.6 x 8.4 cm which shows inhomogeneous enhancement after giving contrast material.”

First comment is a contrast CT-scan was done. CT-scan, meaning hi energy x-rays hundreds or thousands of times as many exposures as a regular x-ray.

Second comment, “contrast” with the CT-scan means a poisonous dye was injected in my Uncle A’s blood to be able to get better contrast in the CT-scan. This poison dye needs to be expelled by the kidneys which of course takes a big hit.

So just on the diagnostic procedure alone, large amount of harm was done.

Now on to the tumor. The common western medical hospital business model is after selling you their expensive and harmful CT-scan, the next offer is a needle biopsy. What is a needle biopsy? The hospital manual thinks that needle biopsies are a “harmless” method of inserting a metal needle into the mass and extracting a sample of that tissue. The sample tissue is then studied in a laboratory to find out if cells are malignant or non-malignant.

First disagreement: A needle biopsy is never harmless. The purpose of tumors is to encapsulate poisons / toxins to keep them from harming / polluting the blood. People are kept alive by the formation of tumors because in the body’s wisdom, this is what keeps you healthy. The body dissolves and eats away at the poisons given the opportunity in the future.

A needle biopsy punctures the tumor / poison bag which now will leak out the poisons which will now pollute the body… because of the needle biopsy puncture wound.

Second disagreement: In holistic healing, we as hell do not care to find out if the tumor is malignant or not. The cancer cure procedure is the same. The only difference is that a malignant tumor gets well much much faster than a non-malignant tumor.

In the hospital business model, malignant tumor = “cancer” which is supposedly a dreaded word that strikes the ultimate fear in common people. Fear so bad you put them under your spell and they agree to any $$$ treatment you sell them as long as their insurance or cash can afford it… and they do not ever question if your $$$ treatment works… remember that the hospital business model clearly states “THERE IS NO CURE FOR CANCER”. So what is this chemotherapy, radiation and surgery they are selling you for?

Third disagreement: There are many, many, many REAL CURE approaches to cancer. (Contrary to the hospital business superstition that there is no cure for cancer… they mean THEY don’t have a cure for cancer… but the rest of the other more knowledgeable healers do have cancer cures.) Most of them using the nutritional + detox approach. This allows the body to make itself healthy enough with extra material to dissolve and excrete the poisons in the bags / tumors. And when the body is done excreting those poisons, the tumor is no longer needed and the body dissolves the tumor on its own. So curing tumors whether malignant or non-malignant is a pretty logical, straight forward and simple equation. Pump the sick with lots of the most nutritious food from animal, vegetable and fruits then detox the person. Nutrition in, Garbage Out.

I just recently visited my professional cancer healer friend Vander Gaditano and you may be interested to see what he has in his kitchen: some fruits and vegetables, in his refrigerator is some raw goat liver, and in another table there is some castor oil, some thermometers, some supplements, some liver detox powder used for coffee enemas, he gave his current patient some baby corn and some raw squid. I also ate the raw squid for breakfast. Delicious!

My uncle knew well ahead of time that needle biopsies are harmful. He turned down that offer. He is doing the nutritional + detox approach. He should be well in a couple of months. No need to do further CT-scans when a simple, less harmful ultra sound will do.

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