BAD “Science” Based Medicine Against Liver Flushing

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Time to shoot down FAKE “scientists”, QUACK “scientists” who claim the domain such as this huckster who posted: Would you like a liver flush with that colon cleanse? at What a total deranged superstitious dummy this author is. Preaching the superstition of western medicine “science” vs the EXPERIENCE of liver flushing.

Another quack watch that says there is no cure for cancer?
Another dummy who doesn’t BELIEVE in liver flushes?

Liver flushing does not require belief! It only brings results!

The opinion writer David Gorski is a total idiot. Must be a pharma stooge or a surgeon who keeps losing business to people who would rather liver flush than do surgery!

Like my aunt who refused surgery and instead did a liver flush?

Saved herself 200,000 pesos.

And spent only 200 pesos for her at home liver flush. Got rid of her gall bladder stones. Saved her gall bladder and kept it intact!

Like the time my cousin saved our 98 year old grandpa’s life with a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, liver flush to cure him of pneumonia when the hospital gave him up for dead?

Like I saved my brother from dying of liver cirrhosis / psoriasis? With an emergency liver flush?

Like the liver cancer patient I taught a coffee enema which gave him instant pain relief when all the world’s pain drugs weren’t working anymore (morphine, et al.)

Like the time I saved my best friend when the hospital had him admitted for 4 days and they still couldn’t find out why he was screaming in tummy pain? So simple, when I heard the news I came in and gave him some apple juice – not from concentrate – and in 3 hours his pain subsided down from 9/10 to 3/10 and the following morning he checked out. His liver was just constipated and I used apple juice to unconstipate his liver. But his hospital did not know that.

David Gorski has no successful experience. He is an armchair “scientist” with ZERO experience.

Experience. Experience. Successful experience with real diseases, under pressure of death. I’m talking from experience.

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  1. owie says

    go edwin go! i biliv in your experiences. ive tried dat liver flush for two days in a row and it bring me agood result. my question is it is better to do liver flush then it should be followed colon cleanse?

  2. zergon says

    yesI could not believe how well it werked! i agree, belief not needed these scientists should try it instead of critisising

  3. Jesus Sunofdagod says

    Scientists just want to hang on to there positions of power by trying to keep the easy truth away from the people so they don’t like the people to no the true truth about detox and the one true cause of diesese. Germ theory was discredited by the bible but, scientists pretend to know everything just so big farma can make more money and they can all get rich. Why else would they critisize everything that people no to work but that they won’t even first try? Answer me that to the disbelivers!

  4. Jesus Sunofdagod says

    p.s. i’m talking from experience, caus ei tried the detox and no, not just armchair scientizing.

  5. James Voos says

    Good Samaritan: No, these “easy detox protocols” won’t cure anyone of anything. Someone will make money off this scam. Nothing more than that will happen.

  6. nybgrus says

    This is the most idiotic lunacy I have ever read. This is all asinine, reactionary, uninformed, anecdotal tripe. I don’t even have the energy to sit down and state all the reasons why, but for anyone else reading this, please know – believing what is written here is about as safe and sane and playing dodgeball on a freeway. Keep clear of this idiot.

  7. Maz says

    Please start using the Ebola protection charm in your medical practice. It’s easy to make one! You just take a bottle cap (or anything small and metal) and say an African Chant and then keep the bottle cap on you at all times. I did this two years ago and have not gotten Ebola even ONCE!!

    Here is the chant I used:

    O la mama wa ha su kola
    O la mama wa ha su wam
    O la mama kow wey ha ha ha ha
    O la mama ta te kayee

  8. says

    Let’s see… Your proof that liver flushes “work” is that you outed someone, you used ad hominem, the pharma shill gambit and sputtered ignorance of the person you attacked.

    Obviously, you liver flushes went high and cleansed your brain of rational thought.

    I do expect to be censored.

  9. says

    I would like the public to read the ridiculous corrupt pharma shills, pharma drug addicts and SUPERSTITIOUS “science” scam zombies like you frothing in the mouth against FREE HEALERS like me. In your face you pharma $$$$$$$$$ scammers.

    Incurable diseases cured on my side: many
    On your pharma side: ZERO — BIG FAT ZERO.

    Incurable diseases cured on my side paid to me: ZERO
    On your pharma side: $$$$$$$$$$$$ — yet you killed them all.

  10. Toiletman says

    Aye, this is really something to flush away. Same goes for the English orthography. Btw: my father flushed his liver away,too, with alcohol. It did not really help lol. However, my esoteric aunt really did this stuff and it did not help her at all but just an unpleasant experience :D

  11. Maz says

    Just so everyone is clear, my last comment was sarcastic.

    As for Good Samaritan,
    Incurable diseases ARE incurable, so you can’t have cured them. I think what you meant was,

    “Big Pharma’s so-called “incurable” diseases”

    Scare quotes are all you need!

  12. says

    Come on you “incurables” superstition believers… come on… step right up. Who’s getting their daily pharma drug cocktail? Who’s getting their chemotherapy? Who’s getting more radiation? Who’s enjoying more missing body parts through surgery?

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…. May you live in hell today for your superstitions. While we, the REAL SCIENTIFIC HEALERS enjoy ENORMOUS HEALTH!


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