BAD “Science” Based Medicine Against Liver Flushing

Time to shoot down FAKE “scientists”, QUACK “scientists” who claim the domain such as this huckster who posted: Would you like a liver flush with that colon cleanse? at What a total deranged superstitious dummy this author is. Preaching the superstition of western medicine “science” vs the EXPERIENCE of liver flushing.

Another quack watch that says there is no cure for cancer?
Another dummy who doesn’t BELIEVE in liver flushes?

Would you like a liver flush with that colon cleanse?

Liver flushing does not require belief! It only brings results!

The opinion writer David Gorski is a total idiot. Must be a pharma stooge or a surgeon who keeps losing business to people who would rather liver flush than do surgery!

Like my aunt who refused surgery and instead did a liver flush?

Saved herself 200,000 pesos.

And spent only 200 pesos for her at home liver flush. Got rid of her gall bladder stones. Saved her gall bladder and kept it intact!

Like the time my cousin saved our 98 year old grandpa’s life with a colon cleanse, kidney cleanse, liver flush to cure him of pneumonia when the hospital gave him up for dead?

Like I saved my brother from dying of liver cirrhosis / psoriasis? With an emergency liver flush?

Like the liver cancer patient I taught a coffee enema which gave him instant pain relief when all the world’s pain drugs weren’t working anymore (morphine, et al.)

Like the time I saved my best friend when the hospital had him admitted for 4 days and they still couldn’t find out why he was screaming in tummy pain? So simple, when I heard the news I came in and gave him some apple juice – not from concentrate – and in 3 hours his pain subsided down from 9/10 to 3/10 and the following morning he checked out. His liver was just constipated and I used apple juice to unconstipate his liver. But his hospital did not know that.

David Gorski has no successful experience. He is an armchair “scientist” with ZERO experience.

Experience. Experience. Successful experience with real diseases, under pressure of death. I’m talking from experience.


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