Save Lives: Never Too Shy to Give Health Advice

In the cooked paleo diet forum someone asked the question how to give advice to her co worker without causing a stir:

So I found out today that a women at the print shop that I work with (I’m a graphic designer) is going through some hard times because her husband has Crohn’s disease and he has been in the hospital a lot recently. She is a really nice person and I get along with her really well but we’ve never had a conversation about anything other than work or a little small talk. Plus I normally only talk with her over the phone.

To complicate this even more – I found out about her husband having Crohn’s through a client of mine which brings up the issue of her thinking I probably don’t even know about it. Maybe she doesn’t want everyone to know. I would really love to talk with her about Paleo especially because Crohn’s disease is an autoimmune disease. How do I approach this? I really try to be a live and let live person but who knows maybe he would give it a shot. She is in her thirties and I’m assuming her husband probably is too. They also have a little boy. While I really don’t like digging into people’s personal lives, especially people I work with I feel obligated to say something – it could save his life. Thanks for any advice you might have.

Here is how I replied:

If your friend is a friend in facebook, you can suddenly be interested in Crohn’s, IBD or IBS — they’re just names… suddenly whip out success stories on your WALL. Such as:

Such as

It will seem innocent.


I tell people right off the bat that I am a “Manggagamot”, a healer, someone who knows how to cure incurable diseases western medical doctors cannot.

I am straight forward and tell them how it is done if they are interested. It’s free, it works and works and works.

I don’t give a **** if they hate my guts for saying things outright. I write Manggagamot in my business card and it says on the left part. And on the right part, my website development firm.

I tell em I give healing assistance to my customers because I don’t like it when customers die on me.

I so love the satisfaction of in your face results from the medical minded. It shakes their belief system and a paradigm shift occurs in them.

Recently I helped heal a very prominent person and gave him a lot of raw fat and raw meat, he was so desperate he did what I taught him… he was afraid his already high cholesterol readings will go through the roof. He called me yesterday and was just so ecstatic that his cholesterol readings dropped the levels he never ever imagined… too much excellence beyond his wildest dreams.

It is results like these that bring me such satisfaction I keep giving advice because I pity the sick and ignorant.

It bothers my conscience that I know a few minutes of my speaking will help save lives… these people will die without my help.

A week ago I saved a 42 year old lady who was bleeding to death in a hospital who gave up on her. I just recommended freshly pounded vegetable juice from sweet potato leaves in a glass of water 2x per day.

Save lives, don’t be shy about giving health advice that has worked for you. Give a disclaimer, that this has worked for you and then point the people to the forums such as and

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