RH Bill 2010 Statistics: Population % Growth Graphs Per Decade

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So much noise over this Philippine RH Bill 2010 in congress. RH stands for “reproductive health” aka (also known as): Contraception Promotion for the purpose of addressing an Alleged Population Explosion.

Is the RH Bill of 2010 worth the XX Billions? Is the RH Bill of 2010 worth it? The XX Billion Peso Question is: Is There Really a Population Explosion? Yes or No?

Let the NSO Speak.

Before congressmen, senators and the president fork over XX Billions of Pesos to such an EXPENSIVE RH Bill, let us investigate the statistics from the Philippine NSO (national statistics office) if the alleged population explosion is true, and if the XX Billions being asked of the Philippine Budget is needed.

So here are the NSO Census Statistics on Population Growth Rates over the decades:

Years % Growth Rate
1960-1970 3.01
1970-1980 2.75
1980-1990 2.35
1990-2000 2.34
2000-2007 2.04
2005-2010 1.95

And the graph of these statistics:

Statistical Analysis:

  • There is a decade on decade annual population growth rate decline from 1960 to 2010.  That is 50 years track record of solid decline.
  • There is obviously NO population explosion, in fact, the population growth rate is projected to continuously decline over the coming decades.

People should stop being emotional over this RH Bill. This is not a question of belief in contraception, it is a question of solid statistics and spending XX Billions of Pesos of the Filipino People’s money.

Given these hard statistics from the Philippine NSO, that there is definitely NO population explosion, that there is a sure DECLINING population growth rate which will continue on for the next 10 years and beyond…

  • it is obvious that the RH Bill of 2010 is a waste of the Filipino People’s money for an already declining population growth rate
  • the XX Billions of pesos will be better spent, appropriated to more worthy national undertakings

Surprising answer to the question:
Is There Really a Philippine Population Explosion?
Look at the graph, the answer is DEFINITELY NONE.

*** Addendum ***

Total Fertility Rates Historical and Projected of the Philippines

Total Fertility Rate (TFR) is the total number of livebirths per woman surviving the childbearing ages, and is calculated from the age specific fertility rates of current period.

Surprising answer to the question:
Is There Really a Philippine Population Explosion?
Look at the graph, the answer is DEFINITELY NONE.

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  1. says

    This is very good and useful research. And it’s presented simply and straightforward so anyone can understand it. Great work!

    One deceptive tactic of the pro-RH camp is to take our population growth rate and make all sorts of wild projections about our population size 30, 40, or 50 years from now. What they do to make things look worse it to assume a CONSTANT population growth rate.

    This, of course, is totally dishonest and unrealistic. As we can see form your research, our population growth rate has been continuously DROPPING. Our future grwoth rates will drop even further. You can get projections by the UN Population Division at: http://esa.un.org/unpp/index.asp?panel=2

    God bless!

  2. says

    Let’s try that United Nations Population Division link http://esa.un.org/unpp/index.asp?panel=2

    Population growth rate (%)
    Medium variant

    Period Population growth rate
    1950-1955 2.99
    1955-1960 3.06
    1960-1965 3.09
    1965-1970 2.94
    1970-1975 2.79
    1975-1980 2.70
    1980-1985 2.69
    1985-1990 2.52
    1990-1995 2.28
    1995-2000 2.09
    2000-2005 1.92
    2005-2010 1.82
    2010-2015 1.66
    2015-2020 1.51
    2020-2025 1.34
    2025-2030 1.18
    2030-2035 1.02
    2035-2040 0.87
    2040-2045 0.74
    2045-2050 0.60

    Source: Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat, World Population Prospects: The 2008 Revision, http://esa.un.org/unpp, Thursday, November 25, 2010; 6:41:36 PM.

  3. says

    there is no arguing about the data you have presented. However, population grows exponentially. Ten years ago, we were 76 million, by 2010 we were 92 million. We live in a finite world, with finite resources and a runaway population projected to reach 140 million by 2040 is something to really think about. I am not pro-RH, but these are realities we have to accept. I will always advocate education for our young people, our women especially, but then where are the resources ?


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