Vegetable Garden Urban Homestead 6000 Pounds of Produce a Year

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Awesome family harvests 6000 lbs of produce in 1/10 of an acre of land in the big city of Pasadena, California. If they can do this, you and I can. Be self sufficient on vegetables in small farm animals like chickens, ducks and goats for meat. Freedom. Food freedom. We have a couple of provincial maids. This should be easy for them.

Homegrown Revolution (2008) is a film short that gives a brief introduction to the Dervaes Family’s urban homestead which they call “Path to Freedom.” On this tiny city lot, a beautiful and productive oasis was created, producing 6,000 lbs of food annually and is a model of urban sustainability.

Film premiers at the WILD & SCENIC FILM FESTIVAL (Jan 9-11, 2009)

——About Path to Freedom——

Since the mid 1980s, members of the Dervaes family have steadily worked at transforming their ordinary city lot in Pasadena into a thriving organic micro farm that supplies them with food all year round. These eco-pioneers also run a successful home business providing their surplus produce to local restaurants. Through their adventures in growing and preserving their own food, installing a solar power system, home-brewing biodiesel for fuel, raising backyard farm animals, and learning back-to-basics skills, these modern-day pioneers have revived the old-fashioned spirit of self-reliance and resourcefulness.

Since 2001, their website has inspired hundreds of thousands to take steps towards a sustainable future and has generated a 21st century urban homestead movement.

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