HPV Cancer Treatment – Stop The Fear Mongering

I recently answered an innocent question in the raw paleo diet forum about HPV: Human Papilloma Virus. I thought I would expound on it here and stress the point that HPV, its mechanics, its treatments and its claims to cancer and claims to being asymptomatic are hallmarks of a SCAM. The SCAM to instill fear in you, the SCAM to herd you into their vaccination program, the SCAM to do more diagnostics and eventually do the most harmful and expensive HPV cancer treatments and most probably all within range of your health insurance coverage… oh how industrially convenient.

First the innocent question:

Hi, my girlfriend has HPV, and I suppose I do too now. Are any viruses cured by a strong immune system? So why is it considered “incurable”? My girlfriend has had “pre cancerous” cells on her cervix because of the virus. Would the raw paleo diet along with fasting help cure the virus? I simply cant believe it is incurable. We are not doing raw paleo yet but we will. Current conditions dont allow us to be fully paleo.

Any advice or information on this would be so helpful. Thanks!

My first answer:

Raw paleo diet and www.pyroenergen.com will eradicate all bad viruses including HPV.

Here is a picture of my boy hamming it up for the camera while on Pyroenergen for lung infections caused by our neighbor who set up a chicken farm.

Yon Yonson also felt the power of this machine when it helped clear his lungs of phlegm.

If your girlfriend follows my www.curemanual.com outline she’ll get well.

And my follow up question that should reveal the “mystery of this HPV hysteria”.

Is there anything really bothering her or is it just some blood test?

And the clincher answer was:

She actually doesn’t have symptoms, they found it with pap smears.

Did you see the in-your-face scam as a 3rd party reading this blog post? The bogey man HPV, HPV cancer treatment is for you! What’s the name of those companies involved in HPV Cancer treatments? I’ve gotta buy some of their stocks, this will lead to blockbuster profits!

I go into rant mode then:

Pap smear cr**, HPV cr** – sorry, I’m arrogant and antagonistic against the medical dudes. They scare your pants off for nothing. You’ll die of stress and worry. HPV? I wouldn’t give a grain of credence to those charlatans.

See if this outline is easier http://www.myhealthblog.org/2011/03/20/is-there-a-cure-for-cancer-yes-everyone-can-do-this/

That outline will cure you and your girl of anything and everything.

Remember the business angle of the medical industry. You don’t want to be an assembly line victim. No symptoms, no worries. Switch to a raw paleo diet and lifestyle and the more you just live a happy care free life with ZERO fear. Now isn’t ZERO fear a much nicer paradigm? ZERO fear from disease… my kind of thinking.

The bottom line for HPV Cancer treatment is raw paleo diet and lifestyle. Simple as that. As arrogant as that.

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