Shoulder Pain, Pneumonia and Liver Cirrhosis Real Cure Total Costs

Benny has graduated from my healing teachings after some 10 days.  He’s graduated living in my office for his treatments and lectures.  From feeling like dying back to full of life and hope for a better healthy future. So I did the healing and his bosses reimbursed the expenses… how lucky can a man get?

shoulder-pain-pneumonia-tb-cure Benny and Me

Here are the costs of Benny’s treatment:

  • Acupuncture with Sifu Sam 1,600 x 2 = 3,200 pesos
  • Probiotics from Healthy Options = 1,500 pesos
  • All other supplies like raw paleo diet food (duck eggs, beef, fish, calamansi), wheat grass, virgin coconut oil, apple juice, massage, ventosa, fruit, oleia, quantumin, nebulizer consumables 500 per day x 10 days = 5,000
  • Rental of pyroenergen machine and nebulizer and air conditioning in office are free of charge.
  • I gave Benny 500 pesos for buying his supply of meat for the next week and I gave him a bottle of raw wild honey
  • Healer fees, free.

So that is a round off total to P 10,000.  Pretty cheap for the full time attention of a healer for 10 days.  And he got splendidly well.  Zero shoulder pain.  His last liver flush today and no bad smell.  Winner.

Benny can feel the mucus in his lungs going away.  He thinks one more week of this raw paleo diet and he will be 100% phlegm free.  Fighting words… because he can feel it.  He can feel how fast the mucus is exiting his lungs. And this from a guy who was diagnosed long ago of TB and given TB drugs but kept on coughing and having phlegm for months and months. And who just last September 7 was in the hospital gasping for breath and then eroded to a limp sick dying man by the 11th.

What was important was the education and experience.  That wow, this was all so logical.  And oh so easy.  Even a driver with merely a high school education can understand and execute solid healing principles.  See my for the principles of healing.

This evening Benny goes back to his job, back to his driving my in laws.  Another healing case well done.

For those who would like to know what I taught Benny and fed Benny, the healing power did not come from vegetables.  I taught Benny that vegetables being recommended for healing is a sickening joke that makes people even sicker.  Vegetables are for herbivores, not humans.  Benny got well on lots and lots of raw ANIMAL FAT and raw ANIMAL MEAT.  And I want you to know that.  We are human and we require fresh raw fat and raw meat.

Not plant oils, not seed oils… RAW ANIMAL FAT.  Think.  Why does RAW ANIMAL FAT WORK? When you have been bombarded with anti-animal fat propaganda?  I am exposing the mainstream charlatans for making millions of people sick by telling them to avoid animal fats.

I want to convince everyone that my methods work, they work well, and the
results will be permanent if the sick listen and learn and apply.

And that it is raw animal FAT and raw animal meat that people need.

And now I have learned to condiment raw animal fat and meat for the
convenience of the patients.

I’m really good at this. And it was easy. Benny could have died if I hadn’t
taken him in.