Diabetes Cure Kick in the Butt Requested at a Paleo Diet Forum

Seems diabetes sufferers are finally discovering the paleo diet and are trickling into Caveman Forum. Good for them. Here is Tony requesting for a “kick in the butt” to launch / inspire him to go with paleo diet to address his type 2 diabetes problem.

My name is Tony, a Yorkshire guy living with my gorgeous girl in Glasgow Scotland. I have been T2 DB for too many years now and have been stupid enough to think I can deal with it. The docs keep trying to push me onto metformin but I have always been against pills yet even with my best efforts I still cant get my sugar under control. Before anybody states the obvious I know I am a fool thinking I can beat this alone and without medical help. I have had 2 foot ulcers that both took months to clear and the last one poisend my system to such a level that I had to have surgery to clear the wound and fortunately I got away with it. Now I am getting secondary problems with the DB which I belive are periferal nueropahy that is affecting my legs to the point where my mobility is getting worse and I need a stick when outside of the house…

Ah well, I can’t resist cries for help like this so I gave him my kick:

Medication is an idiotic harmful crutch for type II diabetes. In the medium term it will kill you.

The reason is you still haven’t got your nutrition done right if you rely on diabetes drugs. And of course the myriad of side effects of drugs.

And your SAD wrong nutrition will still kill you.

Rawish paleo diet will cure you. The rawer you can stand it, the better and faster you will heal.

Check this out http://bittermelondiabetes.com/2011/06/diabetes-treatment-guidelines-paleo-diet-and-bitter-melon/

Also this: http://www.curemanual.com/2011/04/type-2-diabetes-natural-cure-lecture-of-dewayne-mcculley-parts-1-3-of-13/

Sit through the 13 parts, he’s cool and funny… and write down his breakfast protocol, his super meal:

– seared wild salmon (note seared, as raw as you can stand)
– extra virgin olive oil (his raw fat)
– slightly steamed broccoli or brussel sprouts (plant minerals)

But in my opinion, just get raw wild salmon sashimi (or other raw wild sashimi like tuna or blue marlin) or extra thick fat raw / seared grass fed beef steaks, and if you must supplement with raw fat, get green pastures fermented butter oil with fermented cod liver oil. There’s also juicing appropriate raw greens.

Diabetes type II is absolutely curable.

What needs curing is the mental blueprint of health… away from the idiotic western medical mass media promoted SAD diet and drugs and the belief in the myths of cholesterol which leads to fat phobia, the myths of fiber, and the myths of complex carbohydrates.


Please take pics of your food. Post them.
Let’s see how much fat, and how much protein and how much carbs you get.
You need some carbs, just not the insane SAD portions.

In my experience, cooked animal meats make me sleepy. Raw animal meats do not make me sleepy.

I eat my food sequentially, mono eating, do not mix. That digests better.

So you could eat:

1. animal foods
wait 15 minutes.
2. vegetables

Please check your bowel movement. You must move every single day.

It takes time to learn new habits.

If you can find a successful paleo diet practitioner in your area you can be friends with, it will help you transition faster.

Don’t worry about cheating at times, don’t feel guilty. Changing habits takes time. Just get back on the horse again if you fall off.

With paleo diet sometimes people get hungry because they don’t eat enough meat. Because without the voluminous carbs, you need to eat much much more animal food and animal fat, in the quantities you aren’t used to, or expected. Think chowing down 1-2 pounds or more of fatty animal foods a day on a regular basis.

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