Diabetes Cure via Paleo Diet Testimonial and Realization

Someone over at Caveman Forum (cooked paleo diet forum) hadn’t realized it yet, but he was reporting his own diabetes type II cure as it happened. His mental blue print just wasn’t there yet to recognize it. It’s a fun read:

Interesting blood sugar test results…

Hey all,

Still relatively new here. If you caught my intro post then you’ll recall I’m a recently diagnosed Type II diabetic. Currently at home recovering from a hospital stay and minor surgery (where I was diagnosed with T2 Diabetes).

While I was in the hospital, my fasting BG level was around 110 with every random test they did being > 120. Well, after I got home I ordered a blood glucose monitor. After some research I also switched to the Paleo diet.

I’m not eating much. WAY fewer calories than I am accustomed to. However, as was pointed out in another thread, that could be because I have plenty of fat to lose and my body is feeding on that (let’s hope).

For example, today’s totals were:
Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) KCals
55.39 36.63 87.90 1000

Now, the interesting part.. Since I got my blood glucose meter yesterday I’ve been testing randomly (early morning, 1 hour after eating, 2 hours after eating, etc..) in an effort to figure out where I was “going high”. My overall average since I’ve been testing? 78. Not a single reading > 100…or even 90.

In fact, this morning I had a BG level of 62. That’s low! Too low from what I gather, but I still felt fine..

I went so far as to test my blood glucose meter with the included control solution to make sure it was working properly. It is.

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I’m certainly not taking the Metformin the doc gave me to lower by BG. At this point I’m afraid it might make me hypoglycemic.

I replied with:

What is going on is:

#1 – You are NOT diabetic. You were just eating the WRONG diet.

#2 – Your diabetes DRUGS may well be the CULPRIT in making your blood sugar readings TOO LOW.

So it is time you ADJUST the dosage of your DRUGS and eventually ELIMINATE them.

Say goodbye to the quackery of diabetes type II diagnoses.

You are now an EX-diabetic… aka CURED.

Cured of diabetes type II.
Cured of the SAD (standard american diet) lunacy.

Jeff continued:

here’s a look at the past 3 days (no medication)
Date/Time BG Level (mg/dL)
12/28/2011 14:52:00 72
12/28/2011 19:55:00 77
12/29/2011 10:56:00 68
12/29/2011 16:51:00 82
12/29/2011 21:43:00 87
12/30/2011 9:04:00 62
12/30/2011 16:05:00 83
12/30/2011 20:13:00 76

According to by HbA1c, my “average” BG level for the past three months prior to this was 168. Amazing…

Funny he thought that was amazing. Now he has discovered how it is to be a NORMAL human being. Yes, humans are NOT supposed to be eating too much carbohydrates (no wheat, no corn, no rice). And we are supposed to be eating a lot of fatty animal foods. The SAD diet food pyramid is absolutely false… the food pyramid is classic example of deliberate MIS-EDUCATION for the sole profit of food industries.

Diabetes Type II is usually an indication of your body being wrecked by the SAD diet which is in fact unsuitable for humans but perpetuated by the matrix of lies of a world economy warping truth in diets via special $$$ food industry interests.

Paleo diet is it. We humans evolved to eat this way. Paleo diet is original human specifications.

Visit the forum discussion at Caveman Forum: http://cavemanforum.com/diet-and-nutrition/interesting-blood-sugar-test-results

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