Dengue Fever Virus Cure War via Beam Ray and Custom Zapper

My 7 year old daughter was having problems with her dengue fever treatment protocol.  She vehemently hated drinking the tawa tawa tea.  My wife and our maid was handling her and she hardly drank any tawa tawa tea.  Only able to take anthroposophic meds is of course not enough.  2nd blood exam showed no improvement in her platelet count.  In fact, the platelet count went down a little.  We had to think of other ways.  I called on the beam ray expert: Romy Macapagal and daughter Amy.

dengue fever blood test results, first one

Romy said he had a healing program for dengue fever and that he would reserve the rest of the day just for our daughter because dengue fever can be such a difficult and deadly case.  Our grown up maid of 20 years old suffered from probably this same dengue fever strain and she was ill for almost 2 weeks.  In fact, today, she was still just recovering… not yet 100%.  Our maid was on anthroposophic medicines and tawa tawa tea every single hour.  Only raw food, only fruits, some virgin coconut oil, and then eventually some fish ceviche.  Our 7 year old was refusing the powerful tawa tawa tea… so that was a deal breaker.

We arrived at the beam ray house just before 12 noon and beam ray treatment began right away. 3 beam ray machines ran.  Romy ran almost an hour of typhoid program just to be sure.  He then ran the dengue fever programs, one was for the old dengue fever strain, and one for the new mutated modern dengue fever strain.  The first run was for 4 straight hours.

3 beam ray machines in simultaneous use

During this time, I went out to do some banking duties.  I arrived back and my wife relayed to me that Romy thinks that dehydration is a problem.  Beginning this morning our girl was clamming up on drinking diluted orange juice, or tawa tawa tea, even if we had flavored the tawa tawa tea with honey.  Must be the monotony of it all or her body needed something else, or was really sick and messed up.  She was experiencing the same symptoms as our maid did.  Pins and needles under the soles of her feet, and tummy pain.  And she was just down and lethargic.  No smiles.  Serious stuff.  Romy thinks if the dehydration goes on… no peeing… no drinking, she be sent to a hospital for IV.  No way.  I remember the last time our eldest boy was in the hospital for a mere IV for dehydration… that was too slow, me giving our boy a sugar and salt water enema was able to rehydrate him in 1 minute… one minute!

Idea!  I go shopping and buy various drinks and various hydrating fruits… she is bound to like one or several of those solutions and drink up to rehydrate.  I bought red watermelon, yellow watermelon, orange melon, a coconut, kiwi, pomelo (suha), longan… I also got commercial stuff… various colors / flavors of cold Gatorade, and Yakult.

I arrived back in the beam ray house and presented my bounty to my 7 year old daughter.  I said shhh… not to let her mom see (wink at being naughty)… and handed her some cold pink lemonade flavored Gatorade… she drank some of it, but didn’t think much of it.  She saw the bounty and chose… the refreshing and hydrating pomelo (suha)… she happily ate a lot of suha.  Then later I saw her drinking some Yakult.  A few minutes later she was peeing.  Ha, success!  We then went on to the yellow watermelon, it was good… and I think my wife gave her longan.

By this time, Romy and Amy had strapped on to my daughter a custom made zapper, one with the custom frequency for dengue fever.  This zapper ran on 9 volt batteries.  And the consumption of the battery’s life was related to the severity of the live viral load.  Immediate discharging of the battery meant there was a lot of live virus.  Battery with a long life meant there was less viral load.  The first battery was consumed in an hour.  The next battery, much much later.

dengue fever specific zapper in use

Thus we had 4 electric machines running to go to war with the dengue fever virus: 3 beam ray machines and 1 custom anti dengue zapper.  A 2nd pee was a great signal.  And just to be sure, Romy asked for a rest of 2 hours time out.  Then for insurance another 2 hours of the 3 beam ray machines.  He never turned off the zapper.

By this time our daughter was already smiling and laughingly playful. This was a good sign.  And by 8pm we were done.  And in Romy’s experienced eyes, my daughter had come out of it.  Dengue fever cured in 8 hours? Will probably be able to verify this tomorrow morning.

“Thanks sir Romy, thanks Amy… you saved our butts again!”



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