Mary’s Light Miraculous Calabash Juice for All Diseases

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Mary’s Light Miraculous Calabash Juice for All Diseases found near Davao City. My sister in law spotted some interesting looking fruit the first looked like water melons. They turned out to be Calabash fruit. And beside that was a big advertising banner selling Mary’s Light Miraculous Calabash Juice. Also selling handicraft of the fruit.

I asked the guy what the calabash juice was good for. And he said all diseases. He said that there are many many testimonies of people in Davao cured with drinking this miracle juice. Sounds good to me!

Now I’m a sucker for these kinds of home made products and rumors of testimonies. The way this product is made and priced and marketed you know this is not some slick for profit corporation. This kind of product is something that the maker thinks really works and hell yeah I better share it for the good of humanity.

How can you go wrong for P 150 per lapad bottle? Keep refrigerated. Take 5 teaspoons 3x a day. No artificial ingredients added. Contact 0939-842-1471. Look for Ate Bhe. Produced at Sampaguita St Mintal. Tugbok Dist, Davao City (women sector).

Miracle Fruit: Local Name (in Davao) Common Name: Calabash Tree, Scientific Name: Cresentia Cujete. Good for all kinds of diseases.

Just writing down what it says in the fine print.

So I’ve been experimenting with this miracle juice since yesterday. Nothing bad has happened to me yet. I want to feel its action. I will need to interview this Ate Bhe for more information on how it is used, its action, and how many days before you feel anything.

The thrill of experimenting in a new province. Do a short google on this calabash fruit and diseases and you’ll be amazed there are many similar claims zipping around. There is something there.

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  1. mercy says

    may i ask where we can buy this plant use for planting? thanks hope to hear from you soon..

  2. Pacita M. Tayam says

    Am bedridden for less than a year now. I was hospitalized for a week first in Dec 2010 due to pneumonia. A lot of diagnostic test in succession were made. Breast ca then followed be multiple metastasis that brought me severe pain. Now, since, I can no longer rise from my bed, clear symtoms that I have pneumonia again is prominent. Please give me your herbal medicines which I will pay in return

  3. Bilma M. Fuertes says

    I am ate bhe, the inventor of Marys light miraculous calabash juice. I just would like to ask your contact number or know any information bout the owner of this blog. I would like to discuss and add some info about this miraculous juice.

    hope to have conversation with you in a soonest time. please contact me through this mobile number 09398421471 / 09161863736…


  4. Elgen Falcon says

    magandang umaga po ate bhe meron po kaming tanim na calabash, tanong ko lang po paano gawin etong juice?

  5. mary joy dajay says

    gudDay po ask ku lng po bakit psg gawing juice ung calabash fruit nagiging purple? plzz response or tx me @9056945211 need ku po 4 my thesis tnx…

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