Raw Food, Raw Paleo Diet, and Warm Food – Do not Eat Cold Food

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After more than 4 years of raw paleo diet… I’ve observed my issue with food temperature.

It appears what that Chinese healer on the radio said about DO NOT EAT COLD FOOD.

Cold food shocks the body.

And I notice that yes, my body has to spend energy to heat up cold food before it can be digested.

I got accustomed to eating straight from the refrigerator food, but failed to observe that in the past.

So for those wanting to GAIN WEIGHT and have digestive issues… maybe it is refrigerator cold or freezer cold that is the culprit.

So now I’m looking for creative ways to heat up to room temperature or body temperature my meats so they are easy to digest and I gain weight easily.

The refrigerator did it!

Refrigeration is a boon for us to be able to practice a raw paleo diet in the 21st century, but we need to warm our food some way to body temperature. When there is time, I just leave my refrigerated meat out to room temperature. When pressed for time, I turn to my toaster oven, to the low setting and less than 5 minutes, a refrigerated peace of meat will be warm… not cooked.

Just my 2 cents.

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