Leaky Gut Treatment with Cooked Gelatinous Beef Soup Stock?

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I’ve been making soup stocks the past weeks to help my sons heal suspected leaky guts.  I make fish soup stocks and beef soup stocks.  Today I made beef soup stock from 1 hind foot of a big cow, and parts of the face of a cow, and the stomach tripe of the cow.  I added lots of ginger, radish, celery, native onions and sugar cane wine. It tasted different and pretty good.  No salt needed.

In the evening, I thought of reheating refrigerated left overs and the glass lid was stuck.  I tried prying open with a small spoon and it came out and I saw just how jelly solid things were.  That’s it, right?  That’s the gelatinous characteristic that makes this soup stock a tool for healing leaky gut as they said in their study.

So now I’ve got a cooked food method of curing leaky gut, soup stocks.  The first leaky gut cure method I knew was diluted orange juice fasting, which did wonders for me and my first boy when we were really sick.  I’m wondering and will be learning more by actual experience how effective these cooked soup stocks are.  I have my 2nd boy to play with, experiment with.  He’s rather resistant to raw food and fasting so he may as well try this cooked method.

I really think this works, but first we need to get rid of the consumption of all grains… including rice, and I don’t care if the rice is delicious organic.


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