Aajonus Vonderplanitz just died from an accidental fall in Thailand

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The Facebook group The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz is abuzz the past 3 hours with news of the death of one of the greatest pioneers of the raw food movement… the father of the Primal Diet… Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Emails said Aajonus’ accidental death happened when he fell from the 2nd story of his house in Thailand when it gave way. Aajonus suffered a broken spine and internal bleeding and died.

aajonus vonderplanitz

This is so sad… I was looking forward to growing old with Aajonus up to 150. Sigh.

I was a student of Aajonus Vonderplanitz through his books, writings and videos. Aajonus made an enormous contribution to the raw health food community with his original teachings and his various health advocacies. I owe part of my son’s grave illness healing to his books which I keep as reference in my ipad. Aajonus’ Primal Diet has a section devoted to it at the www.rawpaleodietforum.com community of which I am the network administrator.

Aajonus was a truly GREAT MAN. His accomplishments stand for themselves. His written works and videos stand for themselves. His health advocacies and lobbying speak for themselves. And the people he has helped heal through REAL HEALTH education attest to his greatness and will forever be in debt to him. We will carry on his teachings and pass them on to the next generations.

Below are the emails posted in his Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/aajonus/

For those of you who are at all interested in raw food diets, I have
just received word that Aajonus Vonderplanitz — who had written at
least two books on a raw diet system called the Primal Diet, a diet that
was essentially a raw Paleolithic diet, but one that included very large
amounts of raw animal foods and who had also lectured on the subject —
apparently died within the past 24 hours at his home in Thailand due to
an accidental fall.

The news of Aajonus’s death has been slowly breaking on raw food groups
over the past two hours.

I extend my condolences to his loved ones.

with care,


Tragic News to the Primal Dieters and Community: According to Jeff Slay, Aajonus fell from his second story balcony at his home in Thailand when it gave way.

He suffered a broken spine and internal bleeding and was taken to the hospital where he died. I am awaiting more details but Jeff is unavailable right now for call and texted this information to Renee Bental.

— Sheri Giachetto

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  1. Tessa Ure says

    That is very sad news…I had been emailing him the other day. What a wonderful man relentlessing campaigning and lobbying for the raw food movement… a born teacher and educator and fun with it. He will be greatly missed. RIP.

  2. instincto drivel (more) says


    I can’t leave without making you know that I’m deeply delighted to read this, Edwin. Nice reward for all the efforts you put into your blogs and forum. You’re really a Good Samaritan !
    Hopefully also a fruitful lesson for all the know-it-all westerners so easily stuck into « theories » and dogmatism. Your open mindedness and impressive pragmatism are the better approach. I’m confident you’ll be able to teach lucky young SVRN about this too.

    God bless you, Edwin.

  3. instincto drivel ( even more) says

    Our much beloved guru, Guy Claude Burger, is still alive and he tells us now after 50 years of very hard thinking and experimenting:

    “Even meat from wild animals is not healthy for us”


    And remember, since 1994 and the death of his wife and so after only 30 years of hard thinking and experimenting, our much beloved guru already arrived at the conclusion that neolithic modern breeds of animal flesh is quite “unhealthy”.

    Now what is left to eat that is not (yet) supposed to fool our “instinct” ?

    Some greens, vegetables, wild fruits and insects.

    Instincto life is going to so..ooo sweet !

    And our much beloved guru, 80 years old in 2014, is undoubtedly going to live for another 50 years, look at his picture, especially the right one, looks so..ooo healthy and has so..ooo lively an expression, no wrinkles, no grey hairs since instinctos age so..ooo much less than ordinary people.

    So in the forthcoming decades he will almost certainly continue to think very hard, experiment, and further reduce the “allowed instincto foods” still left presently , probably to nil or , if we are very lucky, to just vegetables.

  4. instincto drivel ( even more) says


    No Edwin, you’re quite mistaken and indulge yourself in wishful thinking. It’s definitively nothing else but the INSTINCTO bullshit that killed Burger’s wife as well as others.

    She really got cancer and would have died even without chemotherapy, which was just a desperate final attempt to save her.

    And she got cancer because she systematically overate raw MUSCLE meat (importance of fat, organs etc was by then and still essentially is just ignored by instincto guru, the “instinct” forgot to tell him). And she did this because of the foolish instincto stance that “allows” one to eat up to the so-called instinctive stop, whatever the amount taken in in this way might ever be . And this stance is unfortunately just plain wrong. Meat was actually never available to our ancestors day after day in such large amounts. As simple as that.

    Well, of course you’re free to continue to be fooled by instincto stance and guru.

    No further annoying.

    Farewell Edwin.

  5. instincto drivel ( even more) says

    Addendum to previous comment:

    Why is the instincto stance or “theory” fundamentally flawed?

    There are many reasons and one major one is just that these so-called instinctive stop signals ,supposed to prevent overeating in order for an appropriate « instinct » to really work, never ever were or had to be under darwinian selective pressure.

    And this, in turn, is just because meat was actually never available to our ancestors day after day for years in such large amounts. As simple as that.

  6. instincto drivel ( even more) says

    Final Addendum

    Not only were the so called “instinctive stops” never under darwinian selection pressure to limit the intake of foods like meat, insects, fat, sweet or oily fruit to “present nutritional needs” ( BTW an utterly ridiculous instincto and civilized man fad) but quite on the contrary during paleo times these sensory signals were on very strong darwinian selection pressure to act so as to increase such food intake to the maximum possible (with respect to digestive potential ) when these foods were as usual temporarily available and plentiful.

    The temporary excess of nutrients intake could in this way be stored, in particular in the form of fat, fat soluble vitamins etc for the inevitable less fortunate periods occurring systematically every year in the wild even in tropical areas. BTW our remarkable outfit from a biochemistry point of view is also a clear indication of adaptation to such major food availability fluctuations over a one year period in the wild.

    Obviously being able to take advantage of these temporary food abundances is a decisive component of a species’ evolutionary fitness.

    Now, invoking such sensory signals tuned by evolution under the above mentioned conditions in wild to limit food intake in instincto wonderland or civilization where these foods are available ad libitum year after year from Jan 1th to Dec 31th is obviously a terrible mistake.

    And this is just a deadly flaw in instincto “theory”.

    And sadly it was deadly too for some guru brainwashed and manipulated people.

    In spite of the above being now known since 2007 and already pointed out for instance here:


    the idiotic newbies brainwashing continues.

    So funny.

    As already pointed out too by another former RPF member there is an old saying that goes like

    ” You can always tell a —–, but you can’t tell him much”

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