My brother reports a successful 4th colonics hydrotherapy session

My brother’s full body acne acted up again last week.  He found himself taking antibiotics again to relieve a breathing problem he thinks is related.

I told him to go to Dr. Divina Hey again, the anthroposophic doctor.  Reluctantly, he went and I met up with him in her clinic.  Funny things were revealed in that consultation.  I found out my brother was ignorant about anti-biotic actions on flora, on resistance, on cutting back dosages.

I asked the doc to speed up his going back to colonics treatment.  Good that he did.

This time his 4th flush expelled more than prior flushes, he said he felt really good this time and felt hungry afterwards.  A common feedback.

Hopefully, this leads him to full health after his 5th flush this coming Saturday.

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