Zappers are now available in Manila, Philippines

I was surprised to see a fellow health advocate in our Christmas vacation, she had a hulda clark type zapper with her and it plugged into an AC socket. She bought it from a guy named Oberman who had a talk in Manila.

Not much of a matter to me because I just ordered 2 terminator zappers by Don Croft and they are supposed to be on the way here via DHL.

But suddenly my brother calls and he has another acne outbreak same as last year. Hmmm… must get a zapper now. So I called my friend. She gave me some numbers and this is what I came up with:

Tess Mendoza +63-917-3765310

I ordered a zapper worth P 6,000 from Tess Mendoza, she says she has an electronics engineer who assembles for them. As I write this I’m waiting for her home delivery.

Active Wave Zapper

This is what arrived. I was so excited I immediately zapped myself, my wife, our firstborn, our 2nd child and then my brother who is sick with a bad case of impetigo or full body acne?

Legend has it from Dr. Austria’s story telling that there was once a Filipino engineer who’s 19 year old daughter was dying of endometrial cancer in 1999.  He tried every conventional and alternative treatment on her daughter but no hCG improvement.  He stumbled upon Dr. Hulda Clark’s book: The Cure for All Diseases and built his own zapper.  He was able to totally cure his daughter of her cancer!

When they made an ultrasound of her uterus, they found a lump.  But it was no ordinary lump, it was in fact a baby!  Oh wow!  Can you believe that guy?  He not only saved his daughter from cancer, but gained a grandchild as a bonus!

This guy partnered with Bob McKenzie and they are the makers of this ultra wave zapper.


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