Coconut milk gives tummy ache to 3 year old boy

My 3 year old came down with a consistent tummy ache since he drank almost half a glass of fresh coconut milk aka “gata”.

I didn’t know “gata” was bad for young children.  He liked it.

Then came 2 bouts of vomitting in the afternoon.  Then a consistent tummy ache the past two days including today.

I tried giving chamomile tea but it does not seem to help.

I now called my herbalist Manang Lorna about the situation.  Her advice is young leaves of guava aka “talbos ng bayabas” cleaned with water then pounded fresh.  The juice you get the child drinks.  Ha, with the new Matstone juicer this will be easy.  I can’t wait for the morning to come and I’ll first taste it for myself.


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