I made Cayenne Tincture during the new moon

Today is the scheduled day I always planned. It is smack on the new moon. A few days ago my 1 kilo of dried Thai cayenne peppers arrived. Yesterday my order of 3 kilos of fresh ripe Thai cayenne peppers arrived. Why Thai cayenne and not our native siling labuyo? I can’t find the siling labuyo in our markets.

I wound up buying 5 liters of RC Cola softdrink just for the glass bottles. Then I got 2 liters of Gilbey’s 90 proof Vodka and later on I found a bargain with Cossack Vodka and bought 10 bottles of 700 ml each.

I wound up with some 15 bottles of blendered cayenne.

Now to transfer my precious bottles to my office tomorrow and store some for 30 days. Store some for 90 days. Minding to shake them everyday.

A side effect to this cayenne tincture production is the amount of cayenne heat on my hands. As I’m typing this my hands are burning on fire. The heat from the handling of the cayenne took its toll on my hands. The instructions never mentioned this. I’m warning you. Make small batches. My batch was just too big.

For the geeky information about how hot Thai cayenne is, it is some 50,000 to 100,000 shu. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scoville_scale.

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