Arm Sprain muscle micro tears and ice cold treatment

Last friday I lifted some heavy stuff the wrong way.  Then Saturday I started having pain in my right arm.  I thought it was some kind of carpal tunnel pain.  Too much mousing in the computer.

Then the pain got worse on Sunday.  I called my home massage expert. She massaged and put ginger for heat. Then monday a holiday I went to the acupressure expert. He told me some veins burst and massaged me.

The best treatment was when I went to Doc Brush the Chiropractor yesterday.  He knew exactly how to analyze my condition.  Which angle the tear happened.  Exactly what part in my arm.

It was a sprain.  Micro tears in my muscle.  Treatment is a sling to rest my arm.  Then cold compress on my elbow every 3 hours for 4 days.  Total healing should take 14 days.

Lesson learned.  I have headaches.  Must be from my body trying best it could to repair my injury.

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