Raw food has made me slim, not underweight

Some people see me as “disappearing” or too thin or looking like a POW.  They just are not used to seeing me slim.

I am slim now. But not underweight. 2 months of raw foodism expects a person to detox. Gets rid of the old unhealthy flesh (detoxing and slimming down), then weight gain to what is normal, then maintain that normal weight. How much do I weigh now? At the digital meter it says 112 lbs. I am 5′ 4″ short. Compute for BMI / Body Mass Index = 19.2 which is NORMAL WEIGHT according to http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/ and I can bet you that website BMI had WHITE PEOPLE in mind.  I am a Filipino who looks primarily Malay and Chinese mixed in.

Seems I’ve been maintaining this 112 so far for 3 weeks.  We will see.  I am adding egg yolks and raw fish to my fruitarian diet.  I just bought 1 kilo of avocado, maybe that will make me put on more weight.

I do feel good at this weight.  Makes me want to exercise, run and climb trees.  So those who think raw food makes you too slim, nope.  Your body has a set point.  I think I’ve reached my set point.


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