Ligation misconceptions propagated to new mothers

A party, an old friend, new mother, full of joy and misconceptions as well.  We were discussing the joys and pains of new motherhood with the new mother and my wife.  Then they discussed their c-sections as if it is the “normal” thing in today’s medically rotten world.  Then the usual comment that after my wife had given birth to the 3rd child she should have gotten a ligation at the same time while her tummy was open.

My wife knew how to handle such ligation misconceptions.  That ligations are never safe.  I added that ligations debilitate you.  Never do that to yourself now and in the future as it will harm you in the worst ways.  My wife courteously says ligation will make you older.

Ligation means your body get screwed because your natural plumbing is medically perverted.  My wife and I knew this ahead of time.  Every time my wife gives birth we prepare a birth contract.  Absolutely no talk or suggestions from the doctor about contraception or ligation.  We are healthy conscious people.  We value our health, thank you very much.

The premise that ligation is safe and good for you is a total outright, blatant lie.  Don’t be a victim.


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