Raw beef eating children enjoy tender top round cut for health

Since January 2008 I’ve been on a raw paleolithic diet.  From a raw fruitarian diet in December 2007, then switching to a somewhat Wai Diet on January 2008 with the addition of raw fish and raw egg yolks.  Then around march I wanted to expand my taste buds to land animals, beginning with raw beef.

Raw beef in Manila is great.  It is freshly slaughtered beginning 11 pm at night, then sold to you fresh in the morning.  The affordable popular cuts are top round and sirloin.

I promised my kids this morning we would have beef steak this morning.  I ran into some server problems this morning and was eventually fixed.  I came home late around 12:30pm and the children had already had a light lunch.  They said they were reserving their tummies for the beef steak I promised them.  So I had to fulfill my promise and we went out to the market searching for fresh beef.

Not much luck finding fatty beef.  Raw Paleolithic style eating needs raw fats.  I went deep into uncharted stalls and found a nice 1 kilo worth of top quality top round cut beef with some good fat on it.

We went home and had the cook prepare the grill.  No need to wash the beef.  Just lay it on the hot grill for some 10 seconds, flip and lay again for 10 seconds then serve.  Ah, very fast, very convenient.

The kids devoured half a kilo of seared beef in a short few minutes.  My 6 year old boy requested for the raw beef.  He savored the raw slice.  He said he likes the raw beef more because it was oh so tender, very easy on is small teeth and jaws.

This evening was the left over 1/2 kilo of raw beef for my dinner.  The kids already ate some dinner but still swarmed on me as I was about to have my dinner.  They were much happier this time the tender top round cut was being eaten bloody raw.  My little girl even used the little pool of blood for sauce.

My camera was available and before the little carnivores could finish off the whole meal we snapped a couple of happy photos.  So much happiness, so much enthusiasm.  My 4 year old second boy exlcaimed, “truly delicious and juicy!”

Raw beef is a true food.  Children with uncorrupted taste buds swear raw beef is better than seared beef.  Natural hygiene principles apply to fresh raw beef.

I plan to pump these kids with more raw animal food choices.  Just this afternoon I bought a new batch of organic raw chicken eggs and already my 6 year old had one as part of his afternoon snack.

I am on a roll with this crusade for better kid nutrition.  I promise to buy goat innards next, liver and kidneys.  My 6 year old just loves goat kidneys.  We will be searing them.

Below are photos of my kids enjoying this meal.  Note the absence of fat; we already ate all the fat during lunch time.

3 kids enjoying a raw beef dinner

Kids play with raw beef as their wrist watch

Handsome boy grabs a big chunk of uncut raw beef