How to cure white or greying hair and turn them all black again

I’ve read about this cure and I have done this cure to myself and told many people about this by word of mouth but for some reason I have not written it down in my Cure Manual website.  This is the cure for white or greying hair.  This cure protocol will turn all your hair to black again.  The existing whites will remain white, what will turn black is the new growing hair.  Say your hair strand is white, the new growth just out of your scalp will be black.  So as your hair grows, it gets blacker and blacker, you just cut off the old whites and all your new hair is black.

This afternoon I was at the Quantum office and I was talking with a Quantum sales speaker and he had greying hair.  I told him I knew the cure for greying hair, all of it will be black back to when you were young.  I asked him how old he was, he said he was 40, well I’m 39 and I asked if he could see any white hair in my head, there was obviously none.  I started having white hair in my mid 30s but I reversed it and now have totally black hair.  That got him interested.  He could see for himself.

The cure for white hair is large amounts of real raw natural vitamin C and other raw animal nutrients.  Some websites will say copper or b vitamins.  I don’t like delving into those technical stuff.  Just raw vitamin C and raw animal nutrients.

How to cure white hair.

Diet should contain the highest vitamin C fruits in your locale every single day.  Begin with breakfast.  Alternate native guava and native papaya for breakfast.  Always couple with coconut juice and thick coconut meat.  The coconut meat is fat and will help you absorb more vitamins from your fruit.  Say if without the fat you only absorb 30% but with the fat you absorb 90%.  The fat can also be raw fertilized egg yolks or raw extra virgin olive oil or raw gata / coconut milk.  Eat until stuffed for the morning.  Do this every single morning for 1 month.  And you will see the roots of your hair all growing new black hair.

You must also give up commercial shampoo.  You can shampoo once a week using fresh herbal gugu or a herbal natural shampoo, no SLS.  I repeat, the most shampooing you can do is only once a week and your shampoo must be natural.

Your diet will be more powerful if you ate raw animal foods as well.  As I explained in Cure Manual, the best diet is a raw paleolithic diet.  I can’t expect most people to be able to do raw paleolithic diet, but they can do cooked meat paleolithic diet as long as all fruits and vegetables are raw.  See

So the concept is easy.  The method is easy.  Stop being a hard headed television commercial zombie and throw away your commercial shampoo.  Good riddance.  Welcome all black, or whatever natural hair color your hair should be.

Do this protocol for 1 month and you will see all new hair growth from the scalp is black, do it continuously for each and every month and the next time you get a haircut and cut out all the white hair portions… all the hair left on your head will be black or whatever natural healthy hair color you should have in your youth.

When your all your white and grey hair is cured, please consider donating.  Help me send my kids to school.

****** Update Feb 17, 2011 ******
Although I tried real hard to explain my success in this blog post, some people may still need a book, a guide to how to cure white or graying hair. I found a book that may suit you if my technique didn’t work for you.

Click to buy this book: Reversing the Grayâ„¢ A Proactive Approach to Graying Hair



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