Television is all bad… bad for adults, bad for teenagers, bad for children

I do not own a television.  We gave away our tiny television 7 years ago.  I own a couple of computers personally and in my company office for my employees… but none of them have television transmission receivers, no cable subscriptions.  You should try zero television for at least 1 year and see how much personal growth can happen to you.  For starters, television is so darn awful and conclusively harmful for babies.  They need personal, human stimulation and interaction.  Would you want your children to grow up st—-?

In my son’s school, Manila Waldorf, everyone knows how bad television is for children.  Anthroposophic medicine knows, all the natural and holistic healers know, anyone not aligned with profiteering from television knows how awful television is.

For starters, the scenes on TV change every few seconds… children’s mental wirings are not yet complete so they grow up damaged.  The conversations on scripted and edited television are unnatural and non-interactive, the children grow up damaged.  And children grow up to be commanded by the television marketing advertising machine… they become zombies, slaves to advertising… you see it everyday… pathetic.  Mental faculties?  Thinking capacities?  Situation analysis?  Reasoning?  Confined in the idiot box, the boob tube… laughable… but profitable!  Ummm yeah, I want to get my shot at marketing to zombies too and getting some of that cash too…

You think television only stunts children?  Television stops adults from growing up too!  In my case, I am glad that in 2005 when I got sick of eczema I was no longer a tv watcher, I was able to think a way out of the mental confines of the western medical / drug establishment.  I don’t use shampoo, I don’t use soap when I bathe, I don’t use commercial deodorants… you wouldn’t know unless I told you. I no longer yearn for any mass marketing ploy, toy, gadget, fast food… because I don’t watch any advertising.  This non watching of television has made it pretty easy for me to try out and stick to diets that I know are awesomly beneficial.  As some of you know, I promote a Raw Paleolithic Diet.  I’m the network administrator of , come and join us there and experience a whole new world of health.

The UK Daily Telegraph has gotten wind of just how bad television is… you won’t see this on TV, so you had better surf on over to

Not watching television will free you from many mental shackles… TV is a selling box to benefit the advertisers and will only say positive things about the advertisers.  My in laws have a television set with no antena and no cable subscription, it is merely hooked up to a DVD / USB player and they watch movies or documentaries they choose to watch.

Not watching television is one of the first freedoms you should experience.  Freedom from the matrix of conformity, freedom of time… now you have so much more time with your family, your hobbies, expanding your mind, in more engaging activities.  Freedom to seek and expand knowledge.  There is no hope of expanding knowledge with TV as the purpose of TV is to focus your attention to be commanded to buy, buy, buy.


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