My wife has gout? Uric acid deposits in her feet and knee? Her cure protocol.

A few days ago I found out from my wife that her massage therapist told her she had uric acid deposits in the soles of her feet and on her left knee. Those were the bumps the massage therapist was feeling and that which caused my wife a lot of pain lately. But she wasn’t telling until now.

Ah well, action time. Very easy gout cure procedures just like what we did with our cook. It’s just a little different with my wife because she has her own personality.

I first gave my wife a bottle of EMC which I keep for emergencies. She puts drops of EMC on the painful uric acid deposits and rubs them morning and evening. EMC will meet up with the uric acid deposits an neutralize them on the spot.

Then she needs to take 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar every morning to alkalize her body and neutralize more uric acid circulating her blood, also alkalizes her body.

Then she needs to kidney cleanse. Avocado leaves tea every evening. This is tough for her and I have to continuously remind her otherwise she’ll forget. Drink 1.5 liters each night. That’s a lot for her but it has to be done.

Food intake, stop all cooked nuts intake. Stop eating cooked meat for a while. If you can’t stop eating cooked meat, at least eat rare. She says she doesn’t like rare beef, so she would rather have fish, but her fish needs to be raw, cooked fish is overcooked all the time and will putrefy and add to her uric acid deposits.

I’d like her to fast 1 day at a time but it seems she can’t mentally swallow fasting. Even if she could drink and eat unlimited coconuts and coconut meat and watermelons, all will cleanse her kidneys… she won’t even try it. But I know those remedies will be super fast. Hey, I would do that for 3 days just to cure myself if I had gout, which I do not because I’m on raw paleolithic diet.

My wife is calling up the massage experts on a daily basis, the community massage. Each night they would massage the EMC to begin with.

Results so far after some 4 days… each application of EMC lessens the uric acid deposits and lessens the pain. There is daily progress in the lessening of pain and deposits, my wife can feel it. She is sputtering on the kidney cleansing, needs more reminding, and she has not bought plain apple cider vinegar yet. I just texted her to buy some while at lunch at her work. One evening I got her to eat raw bone marrow while dipping the raw marrow in her soup. She needs a lot of raw fat to cleanse her.

Will report my wife’s progress and hopefully eventual cure. Wish us luck.


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