Made a new batch of Cayenne Tincture this New Moon of January 2009

Today is new moon day.  January 27, 2009 just after Chinese New Year.  Nice day for me to have picked to make a new batch of cayenne tincture.  I still have my old batch of dried cayenne pepper and a new batch of fresh ripe cayenne… the Thai variety, very cheap at 80 pesos per kilo.  I also bought some cheap vodka, Cossack Vodka at 60 pesos per 0.7 liter bottle at 80 proof x 3 bottles.  I also got 2 RC Cola 1 liter bottles, had to buy the cola and gave it to the maids to drink.  They appreciate junk food.  I appreciated the new bottles.

The method I did was to:

1) fill 1/3 blender container full of dried cayenne pepper.  Put in enough vodka to just a little above the line of the dried cayenne pepper.  Close the blender jar. And pulse.  Pulse. Pulse.  Then pour the blendered dried cayenne and vodka into a pitcher.

2) fill 1/3 blender container full of fresh ripe cayenne pepper.  Put in enough vodka to just a little above the line of the fresh ripe  cayenne pepper.  Close the blender jar. And pulse.  Pulse. Pulse.

3) Pour the blendered dried cayenne pepper with vodka into the blender again mixing it with the blendered fresh ripe cayenne pepper.  Then fill up with more vodka.  Pulse a few more times.

4) With a funnel, pour mixture into empty bottles.  I used 4 bottles this time.  Filling each with approximately 1/2 liter of the cayenne tincture pre-mix.

5) Store the 4 bottles in the wine cabinet and we will wait for at least 1 month before bottling them in little bottles with droppers.

Why time my cayenne tincture making during the new moon?  Experience by herbal tincture makers say your cayenne tincture will be more powerful if you make it during the new moon.  So I did.

I felt better, more confident once the job of blending the cayenne and the vodka.  With new cayenne tinctures waiting to just ripen.  It feels good that we are again ready and prepared for any problem in the future,  whether it be breathing difficulties, heart attacks, strokes or severe colds.

My previous and very first batch did very good things when I gave it away as a christmas present to many friends and relatives.  The best reward was when I gave a whole bottle to my 98 year old grandfather who was dying of pneumonia but me and my cousin helped save him and the cayenne tincture was part of that success.


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