Attn Hog Raisers: 6000 pigs to be culled because of Ebola Virus hypothesis when GMO feeds are the more likely suspect

The bad news is an international body seems to be pressuring Filipino hog raisers and the government that the poor health of pigs have this mysterious Ebola Virus to blame.  This is just another western medical crap meant to cover-up their greedy imperialist moves.  What am I talking about?  Do you honestly think a smart health cookie like me believes in virus fairy tails? If you are a hog raiser, hear me out, my idea may just save your piggery business.

I’ve talked with a hog raiser, I’ve talked with a corn farmer.  The corn farmer raises corn that is the primary component of hog feed.  The corn being for hog feed raised in the past few years by many Filipino farmers is GENETICALLY MODIFIED corn, GM corn.  You know, those corns advertised to the farmers that have been altered by scientists to be deadly to the pests such as this beetle that feeds on the corn.  The beetle’s stomachs are destroyed, the beetles and other pests die when they eat the corn.  You have perfect looking corn, high yield.

Now think about it.  Expand your narrow minds a little and stop watching television, stop reading your GM corn pamphlet, stop watching the GM Corn AVP.  Think back when you lived in the provinces as a young man.  Say you come up to a tree with nice looking fruit but you don’t know exactly what it is.  You see dead insects all around you.  Seems the bugs were OBVIOUSLY poisoned by the fruit.  If you were in your right state of mind, would you have been stupid enough to stuff yourself every single day with that deadly fruit?  Hell the bugs died eating the fruit!  And you think the fruit is safe for you?  Do you think the deadly fruit is safe for your pets?

Now let’s get back to your hogs.  Your hogs are what they eat.  Lately, what has changed is the content of their feed.  Lately, in the past few years, more and more GMO corn has been getting into the pig feeds.  And this pig feeds you depend on to raise healthy pigs.  You know the GM corn is deadly to pests.  Do you honestly think GM corn is healthy for your pigs?

Are you still going to believe in that fairy tale called this Ebola Virus?

So come on smart cookie hog raiser business men.  Wake up and save your hogs from destruction.  This witch hunt by the international agencies will bury your business.  Save yourself.  Change your hog feeds.  Switch to the good old traditional feeds of 20 years ago or even older.  The back yard organic pigs are not in any fear or danger of getting sick, the households know better and feed them good food, they can forage out in the yards.

You as a businessman have profits at stake.  The livelihood of your family is at stake.  Those international people are just agents trying to cover up their own butts that it is their fault they poisoned the food supply of the hogs.  The food your hogs depend on has been polluted by bad GM corn, or whatever bad food there is you feed them.

Suspect your hog feed first.  Change your hog feed to ZERO GM feeds.  Pressure your feed suppliers.  Test your own feeds.  Save your business.  Save your hogs.  Let the public eat better pork.


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