My 4 yr old daughter feels better after 1 day of the Paleo Diet

My little girl is feeling better after 1 day on the paleolithic diet.  This is a diet before agriculture. Raw fruits and fatty meats cooked or raw.  Our idea of vegetable is a non sweet fruit like cucumber… which is technically a fruit because it is willingly offered by the plant to be consumed, so it is safe to eat raw.

Paleo Mum of sums it up nicely:

The “Seven Deadly Sins”
• Grains (eg wheat/rice/oats etc)
• Dairy (eg milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc)
• Refined foods (eg salt/sugars etc )
• Nightshades (eg peppers/tomato/eggplant)
• Tubers (eg potato/arrowroot etc)
• Legumes (eg soy/beans/peas etc)
• Modernly palatable (eg cashews/olives et

Of course I make my own exceptions.  For butter, I sometimes use unsalted anchor butter from grass fed cows of New Zealand.

So my daughter’s breakfast yesterday was coconut juice, guava, avocado.

At 9-10 am she had her soft boiled fertilized eggs.

At 12nn lunch with me she had raw fatty beef freshly killed same day and some heated on charcoal same kind of beef… where eventually she noticed that the raw beef tasted better because it was freshly killed and never refrigerated.  Plus we ran out of coconuts and watermelons so she had to drink with calamansi and water, without any sweetener, she’s too young for honey… we have a 7 year old rule for honey, at 7 years old children acquire the ability to digest honey.

All 3 children tasted a couple of raw clams / halaan from Bolinao, Pangasinan.

Snacks, there were guavas and star apples from Montalban.

I gave her 1 teaspoon of Barefoot’s dewormer in 1/4 cup of water.  Mommy still gives her mercurious vivus homeopathic drops.

Dinner was souped clams.  Which my wife didn’t like, she is not a shellfish fan.  She thought it smelled like pee.  I and the kids did not like the texture of cooked clams either, it became small and rubbery tougher.  Luckily I had a bunch of live raw clams for myself and plopped them in my soup and gave some to my daughter, which was more satisfying.

Clams aren’t going to make my daughter full, not enough fat.  So all 3 kids requested for beef in a little soy sauce.  I had to intercept the cooking of the beef as this was being done by a maid who did not eat beef herself.  Don’t overcook it.  These overzealous cooked food eaters will not stop until the whole meat is cauterized to the core.  They believe in earnest that any trace of being a little raw inside the meat is bad… no wonder people are sick.

The beef finale made my daughter finally full.  Fat will make you feel full.

So it was a rice less day for my daughter.  And she didn’t mind.  She felt full.  Her cold was getting better.  The cold hasn’t vanished yet, but she got a good night’s sleep.

Today we are doing another Paleo diet day.  Plus I will ask her nannie to give her a steam bath.  And we are having beef broth soup for lunch and dinner and I will add some hot cayenne to make her mucus flow out.  It will be simmering all day with the charcoal stove.

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