My wife is getting charitable about teaching people to heal

Uh oh, my wife is starting to get the charitable bug about teaching people how to heal themselves.  She’s been giving away our chili tincture and even Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea to those in need.  That’s expensive stuff!  Dr. Tam’s you can buy.  But chili tincture I have to make, and I only made a little amount.

She knows someone in her church, so she gave him chili tincture.

This evening I was counting on giving some 2 tablespoons of Dr. Tam’s Miracle tea to my eldest boy and I found the bottle was gone!  I was asking around how that much colon cleanser could have disappeared.  Was everyone drinking the stuff from our refrigerator?  My wife confessed.  She gave some to our cook, she gave some to another one, and some to another one, aside from herself taking it and this morning she took the whole bottle and gave it to her uncle!  Leaving nothing for our son.  She didn’t know I needed it.  I just egg yolk liver flushed our boy, he needs the colon cleanser to clean up.

She’ll have to buy a new bottle tomorrow.  I plan to do 5 days straight of egg yolk liver flushing on our boy plus colon cleansing each day.

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