My son is doing a 5 day egg yolk liver flush and colon cleanse

My first born son who has had a long cold is doing a 5 day egg yolk liver flush and colon cleanse. My objective is to finally arrest his mucus symptoms. We are using duck eggs imported from Aborlan, Palawan and using 7 calamansi citrus put out overnight under the night fog / hamog and 2 teaspoons of anchor butter…. all given individually at breakfast. After 2 hours we give 2 tablespoons of Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea for his colon cleanse.

His diet, in the morning after the above liver flush he has fruits like guavas, avocado, papayas, green and yellow mangoes, saba bananas… anyone that’s ripe and catches his fancy. At lunch I’ve got lately raw oysters, raw and rare beef steak, raw and rare baboy damo / wild pig. Maybe next week I will go to the fishport and we will be on raw sea food.

Beginning tomorrow we will be doing a strict water cure recipe with 6 equal parts of water spread through the day with some rock salt.

Since it is school summer vacation time, it has been a week and he seems to be thriving. The school trip everyday makes him tired or the school load makes him tired. We’ve been strict at sleeping before 8pm everyday. I hope he gains weight. So far so good.

Yesterday he says he pooped one green stone. Just like my liver stones? It’s possible, you never know.

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