Successfully passed on Pepito with liver cancer to a professional live in terminal care healer

I had kept my mission promise to Mr. Pepito when I met him 2 weeks ago. I am the family healer, not a professional for pay healer. I can give good remote advice, but I cannot attend to him personally 24 hours a day. My mission was to get him through these certainty of dying painful times and pass him on to a professional healer. At first I was thinking of Dr. Dy Liacco, but the good doctor was just too fully booked the earliest appointment they got was for May 15, 2009. I made the joke that it seems they will be stuck with me, a hobbyist for the time being. Luckily Dr. Bien, my friend Dorn and Energy Healing expert suggested a live-in healer in Candelaria, Quezon.

Reviewing Pepito’s liver cancer / liver cirrhosis diagnosis; he was obese by January 2009 and at an alcohol drinking session he broke down. He had constant abdominal pain and they spent tons of money on 2 hospitals who diagnosed him with liver cancer / liver cirrhosis and that at this point they said nothing they could do, that he was considered “terminal”, and that he “put is papers / affairs in order”, which means that Pepito’s constant abdominal pain is not within their means, not within their technology, not within their body of knowledge to solve.

Good thing Pepito is a fighting man and fans out messages to look for alternatives. They went to a herbalist, they went to a well known alternative health doctor but wrongly executed his advice, and through his brother in law van driver got to chat with my wife’s cousin about his case and my wife’s cousin volunteered my charitable knowledge to help solve Pepito’s problem.

I met Pepito 2 weeks ago, in pain, living on his pain killers to mask the pain, not go to the root cause of the problem. He looked pretty bad. First was to stop that pain. I suggested dr. tam’s miracle tea to clear his colon and I suggested he drink a lot of apple juice and raw fertilized eggs, which only led him to fart. Ah ha, the cirrhotic liver was breaking up, the farting is the sign, but since the colon was clear, we had to reach out directly to the liver, open it up, grab toxic matter, escort the toxic matter out in the same movement… this can be done by coffee enemas.

After some struggling with getting a knowledgeable nurse to teach Pepito coffee enemas, he resorted to going the do it yourself way and bought an enema kit, got a regular nurse, got my mother in law’s coffee enema recipe, bought organic pure Batangas ground coffee. After his first liver flush he slept the best sleep in all these suffering months since January. His pain had gone away and he was able to sleep.

I visited Pepito to make a home inspection. Found out he was a perfume lover, lotion user and petroleum jelly user. I nicely asked that all these pollution causing junk be thrown away and never used. His condominium unit was well ventilated, but the units itself had poor circulation, I asked that all windows and even the doors be opened. Pepito substituted Oil Pulling for tooth brushing so toxins are also led out his mouth.

Although his pain temporarily disappeared, Pepito was hardly eating. We were concerned about malnutrition. He was living on stored energy. It was time to do a liver flush. I suggested the most gentle liver flush, the egg yolk liver flush. They used 3 fertilized egg yolks, 1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil and 2 lemons. They got 20 black stones out and foul smelling canal toxins. But he still wasn’t eating.

I suggested IV feeding, the family thought since they were beside a hospital, they just checked in. The doctors who didn’t follow the case proceeded like clockwork and gave him Vamin, an IV “food” made of chemicals… Pepito was shocked by pain all over his body. Pepito wanted to jump through the hospital window. He demanded that Vamin IV be immediately removed, that was causing the pain he said. They removed the Vamin and the pain went away. The doctor visited Pepito and Pepito told the Vamin story, funny, I was there and saw how the doctor completely disregarded Pepito’s first hand claim about the pain caused by Vamin and said that it was a mere coincidence, that the Vamin “food” could never have caused the pain. Pepito asked to be discharged now that his electrolyte levels were in balance and he had no pain.

When his electrolyte levels came balanced he became hungry… at last… small victory. I suggested pumping Pepito with nutrition. They bought Ka Rey Herbal from, raw carabao milk, and fresh raw cow liver. He had the Rey Herbal for a day. And two glass fulls of raw carabao milk with finely chopped raw cow liver as his energy drink and super food. This is terminal nutrition.

I finally got the terminal care healer’s number and called him to talk to him and investigate if he was the real thing. No answer in the morning. By the afternoon I got a text message and I called by voice. Oh my, I was “in love”. Not only did he sound convincingly knowledgeable, beyond what I already knew, and very widely read, he had many years of experience, been healing people for 30 years and had operated this current live in healing center since 1997. Not only did I perceive this man was good and very experienced with live in hands on cases, I think I just identified a new master, a new teacher where I can learn and grow on myself.

I called Pepito’s family to confirm that the live in healer was the real thing and that they should check in immediately. The new healer, Mr. Vander will take over from then on. Of all the current healers in my mental database, he has the knowledge, the hands on experience and the live in facilities to be able to do what needs to be done to cure Pepito of his suspected liver cancer / liver cirrhosis.

The following day Pepito and family checked in at Mr. Vander’s refuge in Candelaria, Quezon. My promise to Pepito had been kept. This stage of Pepito’s treatment is successful. He moves on to the next stage, to a professional, experienced live in healer.