Mang Ben’s Liver Cancer Improving, now has erections after liver flushing

If you remember, last March I had Mang Ben, our plumber do work in our house.  He looked much better and sturdier than October 2008 when he told me he was diagnosed with liver cancer.  I taught him a few tricks.  He did his colon cleansing and kidney cleansing and improved a lot.  Then I taught him egg yolk liver flushing last month and promised him erections coming back.

Yesterday we had plumbing work again at home and in the office.  I was out.  Then I met up with him at home to give pay his professional fee.  I smiled at him and asked, with my finger pointed up… asking him… does it go UP now?  I mean, do you get erections again?

He smiled a coy yes.  And we had a good laugh.  Ha ha ha.  I told him to do more egg yolk liver flushes as he sees fit.  I said that my lunch was raw oysters, something to make him feel 20 something again and put those erections to good use.

So is Mang Ben cancer cured?  Who cares?  His doctors said he’d only live until March 2009.  Now it is April and the man still does his own plumbin, stronger, fitter, more muscular and has his erections back!

Mang Ben and I still have a long professional relationship to look forward to.

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