Pepito with Liver Cancer: Detoxing with 20 egg yolks a day

Mr. Pepito is in full force detox and nutrition therapy in an attempt to cure his liver cancer and liver cirrhosis.  No more liver cirrhosis now.  The initial raw eggs and apple juice broke open the cirrhotic liver and multiple coffee enemas sucked open the cirrhotic liver.  Now nutrition therapy which includes 20 egg yolks a day is detoxing his liver and internal organs like crazy.  I think he had better slow it down a little.

The pain relieving and comfortable protocol Mr. Pepito is doing at home is:

  • Ka Rey Herbal 4x a day with the corresponding 10%, 20%, 30% and 55% dosages of 30ml each
  • two valencia oranges squeezed in 2 glasses of water drank every hour
  • 2 fertilized egg yolks every hour
  • eating 1 ounce of raw goat liver immersed in egg yolks 3x a day
  • eating some raw tuna… with calamansi and cayenne which he quickly got tired off
  • some white rice… which he quickly got tired off too and instead wanted more egg yolks
  • some raw honey
  • warm water enema morning and night… but lately not needed since he is pooping like crazy
  • daily massages with virgin coconut oil

A few days ago, Mr. Pepito stopped coffee enemas in favor of less manipulative warm water enemas.  And in the past 2 days no enemas at all were done because Mr. Pepito is pooping like crazy, some 5 to 6 times a day… yellowish absolutely canal deep stinky stuff… even smellier and deadlier smell than the first coffee enemas and the first liver flush.  Wow, Mr. Pepito is detoxing in full force.  As you can see, nothing on the menu that will cause such deep stink… only the contents of a cirrhotic liver and other organs like spleen could dump such horrible toxic waste.  This is what was killing him and he hopes to dispose of before it is too late.

Lately Mr. Pepito experiences stomach pain for some short time, always related to moving his toxic waste through poop.  I’m suggesting he slow down a bit by eating less egg yolks in favor of eating whole eggs with the whites.  Also he embed ground raw fatty beef with the egg.  If he can eat raw goat liver, I don’t see why he can’t eat raw ground beef.  He needs strong raw protein.

Mr. Pepito has to strike a balance between detoxing while rebuilding his organs.  Nutrition must keep pumping in so his body can rebuild and get rid of toxins at the same time.  The detoxing must be tempered so it does not cause too much discomfort so he can sleep long restful sleeps.

Let’s cheer on Mr. Pepito and wish him well on his cure attempt.  The cirrhosis has been shattered, the liver is flowing now.  Maybe 2 more months of this and he will become a strapping strong young man again.  Kudos to his loving and ever present wife and family support group!


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