Boy recovering from Primary Complex climbs organic Papaya Tree

My 7 year old boy is recovering from a diagnosed primary complex.  He’s drinking Ka Rey Herbal and raw cow’s milk.  I’m also hard at work feeding him nutritious raw beef and other raw meats and high vitamin fruit like organic papaya and now in season indian mangoes.  It was the idea from Vander Gaditano that nutrition must come first.  Offer food, offer food, offer food all the time.  Lately he seems to be fattening up and gaining strength.  I’m happy to see he’s learned a new skill, that of climbing tree poles.  That requires strength.

My boy displays his tree climbing prowess in this video. A skill he recently learned while watching ate Arlene. He also dreamed about how to climb the tree and executed his plan. This papaya tree is born from a seed of the delicious organic papaya we ate from Palawan.


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