Aajonus Vonderplanitz Raw Meat Eating demo at The Doctors TV Show

Very good. National television airtime for one of my respected health experts: Aajonus Vonderplanitz. Although I’m not on Primal Diet because I just can’t digest dairy. I am still an Aajonus fan. I love his healing theories. I keep his books as reference and keep coming back to them.

The doctors are funny. They eat raw FISH and they eat steak TAR TAR at a restaurant, but are afraid of the raw animal foods in the show. I feed my young kids the same raw meats as shown on that show and they love it. They’ve never gotten a stomach ache over raw meat.

You must listen to Aajonus when he speaks about good bacteria. We need good bacteria in the raw meat. It is the bacteria in cooked meat that is bad.

One doctor there was so ignorant about colon cleansing and not believing in colon foul ups. What a dumb doctor he is. When my brother was psoriasis deathly sick and had full body acne, it was colon cleansing that immediately halted his diseased look. His colon was massively constipated.

What’s good on TV like this is that the ignorant “doctors” are exposed to be nothing more than schooled puppets reading a script, not even self-experimenting.

And this is why I bow to teachers like Barefoot Herbalist MH, another teacher I admire, in his class we are asked to self experiment before we could advance to the next levels. Experience rules. It is results that matter.

I eat a raw paleolithic diet which is raw fruit plus lots of raw fatty meat. Awesome results. I’ve never been healthier in all my life and I’m turning 40 this year. I’m disappointed why I wasted my younger years being sick and suboptimal.

Some people can’t imagine eating raw beef. Oh yeah, I slaved away for 2 months on just raw fish and raw egg yolks… life was getting boring… I learned about eating raw fatty beef… and I loved it! Today I prefer raw beef over raw fish because raw fatty beef is more satisfying.

What can encourage you to eat raw animal foods? How about being diagnosed of an incurable disease? Incurable only on their idiotic cook everything avoid all bacteria paradigm… but immediately curable on the original human diet, the raw paleolithic diet.

Addendum: Cherimoya Kid at the Raw Paleo Forum had a nice comment if he were on the show…

I wish they’d let me on there. I’d win the argument and make the other side look like a bunch of fools. “Hey doc! Ever been to France? No? Guess what they serve in restaurants there! Raw organs. French MDs eat out there, would be my guess, as well as French dietitians and French restaurant health inspectors, French food safety experts, etc.. Are they all just total idiots? Is their national diet totally unscientific and/or dangerous? People all over Europe eat raw meat all the time, not just France. Are they all just ignorant savages, nutritionally-speaking? Hmm?”

I’d also have a couple of French doctors, French food safety experts (who speak English reasonably well), etc. with me on the show. The high point would be me saying “Hey doctor! Shut up! I can’t hear the good food information over the sound of the noise coming out of your mouth!”

My addendum:

If you are bringing in the FRENCH, and the INUITS, may as well bring in the JAPANESE… 127 million insane people hooked on RAW SEA FOOD.

Disclosure: I am a raw foodist. I eat raw fruit, raw vegs and raw animal food, same as Aajonus. I also feed my children raw meat, including raw chicken. We have a youtube video showing them eating Raw Beef so I know first hand grass fed freshly slaughtered wet market raw beef I buy is safe, yummy and digests well. See my kids eat raw beef.


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