I just realized that the world has gone nuts. People and Scientists assume humans were meant to eat cooked animal foods.

Being healthy and starting to look buffed on a raw paleolithic diet which involves eating a lot of raw animal food is such a rush. There is that feeling of absolutely glowing health I’ve never felt before in my entire life. It’s like hello, where have you been all this time? I just realized before my venture into a raw paleolithic diet that I had been operating, living my life sub-optimally.

Yo friends and relatives, I’m wearing hunk type t-shirts, with the short sleeves… and wearing skinny jeans because it is the in-thing. I don’t have asthma, I don’t have mitral valve prolapse, I don’t have cystic acne, I don’t have folliculitis, I’m not obese, I’m stronger, I don’t get colds, or fevers, or flu, I don’t have heart palpitations, I don’t have white hair, I don’t have eczema… I have none of those, and I don’t miss them one bit.

I just realized I eat quite a good amount of raw meat… and it makes me healthy. I just realized our current culture is a bizarro world… like the Superman comics where everything promoted is upside down… all concepts of health are upside down. Let’s just concentrate on the culture of cooking all your animal food. Most people, including so-called charlatan scientists actually believe humans were born to eat cooked food, cooked animal meats. And just whatever form of cooking is fair game, that eating raw meat is un-healthy. These days I realized that eating cooked meat all the time is not a big conspiracy… it is just plain taught stupidity.

The thing is, the difference between raw meat and cooked meat must be recognized as a wide chasm of a difference. An egg is oozing and liquid, boil it and it becomes solid… everything about it is different… the once organic healthy material is gradually and surely decomposed back to inorganic material that does you no good. And people wonder why they are sick? Man, you eat cooked meat every freaking day…. you will be sick.

One question in the raw paleo forum was that since most of us were eating large quantities of raw animal foods, how come we avoid the nasty side effects of the COOKED Atkins diet? The magic is in RAW MEAT, RAW ANIMAL PROTEIN, RAW ANIMAL FAT. Cooked Atkins is high in cooked animal food – probably its author never imagined that animal food must be eaten RAW. Cooked animal food, even high fat cooked will be detrimental to your health. All the good stuff in the raw animal are missing when it is cooked… the blood, the raw muscles, the raw fats, the raw organs… the traces of rawness are all that’s left. And with most of my countrymen these days, they are scared stiff at seeing any red or blood in their cooked meats… people have gone insane, and they don’t know it.

Scientists have gone insane because they were born and raised to eat animal food cooked and everything they write about animal food is from a cooked point of view. Even their studies are all idiotic because they assume that animal food is cooked.

This raw animal food eating movement must be ignited. Wake the people up to a new and healthy paradigm. Raw animal food is the super nutritious foods raw vegans have always been searching for… they are just blinded by their new age dogma against killing animals for food. Look, we did not invent the rules of life. It is just the way it is. Humans are true raw omnivores. Cooking is a crutch to lean on in hard times… and you live sub-optimally… if you want to be the best that you can be, it’s time you ate organic, ocean, grass fed raw animal foods. Stop the cooked meat insanity. Begin with yourself and your family.