Barefoot MH thinks most diabetics are closed minded addicts – prove him wrong

One of my teacher’s Barefoot Herbalist MH thinks most diabetics are sick in their minds and a complete waste of time trying to treat because they will never listen nor open their minds and hear what true healers have to say. MH has only harsh things to say, and mostly I agree with him that the diabetics I meet, my friends, are hard core stubborn western medicine drug worshippers who would rather die with the lie that diabetes is “incurable” and they would rather keep on eating their horrible food and drink.

Read what MH had to say about diabetics:

I HAVE NEVER EVER seen a person reverse diabetes.

The books such as BOOK I say even the worse case will reverse using orange juice an proper human diet.

Why have I never seen anyone cure this problem? The medical doctors that specialize in this disease say this:
In every case, the person is responsible for this CREATED DISEASE and I believe them. Every person I have known with this, have ALL treated their body like crap and ignore their doctor’s advice. I HAVE NEVER EVER known a person personally that would STOP creating their Diabetes.

I know they can, but I haven’t known one yet. The ones I know say “SCREW” their doctor and gulp down milk and hot dogs till they are 200 pounds over weight or have poisoned them selves so badly that a good wind can blow them away.

I know that the abused pancreas packs tight wth rock hard stones and a fist full of liver fluke worms or possible a adult tape worm, etc………..My personaly experience is that these people are drug addicts, they got their disease via medical treatments that lead up to the disease and the ones I have met, NEVER EVER want to give up their MD, in fear they won’t get their drugs.

The diabetic is the last person I want to talk with, in 100% of the time to date, they are a waste of time and effort and will lie about everything they do when asked and always seeks their drugs.

I know a few do succeed, but I have wasted so much time with them in the past and don’t care to waste another minute with them again. The Amish Healer is driven around by a guy that has been diabetic for 30+ years (a pro). The Amish healer’s wife told me to talk to him and in 1 minute he told me there is no cure, his doctor and he knows this, end of subject……………..At least I didn’t waste much time with him, but that is the attitude of them all, they are BRAIN WASHED by their MDS and scared o try anything Natural and are the first ones to run to their MD and ask if this herb is going to poison them.

Of course today, if you were a diabetic who is really in search for a cure, you would go to Diabetes Cure websites like, buy DeWayne McCulley’s book, follow it for a few months, upgrade to an even more superior diet… the Raw Paleo Diet. Then you will be one of us, the world’s elite true raw foodists, true raw omnivores. Experience the best health you ever had.