Unverified Swine H1N1 Flu Hysteria reaches my childrens’ school – Classes Suspended

The official channels mass hysteria on the swine flu issue has reached my childrens’ school.  A parent is noted to have exhibited swine h1n1 flu symptoms and text messages and phone calls flew out yesterday afternoon that classes were suspended for the rest of the week Tuesday to Friday.

The lead parent in my grade level called me up to confirm that I got the official text message.  I gave him my opinion that hopefully gets to the higher ups so they can discuss it:

I think swine h1n1 flu is all bullsh…

Anyone can exhibit flu symptoms because of current civilized diet and lifestyle.

Did that parent who thinks he has swine flu ever get an official swine flu test from the Philippine Department of Health which cost 4,000 pesos per test?

Show me the evidence.

Show me the evidence that this wolf cry is true.  For all I care, next week the more mischievous children of the higher grade levels can all claim flu symptoms and declare that THEY have swine flu… you know some kids… hooray… no school… time for some co-parents to grow up and realize how many times and how anyone can cry wolf regarding this swine flu issue.

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