Pushing the Cure Tooth Decay Protocol to my children

We’ve known our eldest child has some tooth decay on his temporary teeth.  Now our 3rd child is detected to have some tooth decay.  So I’ve been hammering for more raw paleo food on my family, which falls on deaf ears because I’m the only one doing raw paleo diet.  I have made progress with my wife, she eats sashimi and raw eggs.  Now that she has seen our 3rd child with decay, it’s time she got on the cure tooth decay program with our guide, author Rami Nagel.

We’ve had the book in our home for a few months, but not much conviction to implement the program until our 3rd child was detected to have tooth decay.  So this early morning I went to market and bought our materials.  Raw beef muscle and fat, raw liver, raw brain, fish to make fish stock, small dilis fish so the bones can be eaten as well, and oysters.

I read the program to my wife, I read the program to the nannies, I read the program to the cook.  This lunch and dinner each child had a tablespoon of raw liver.  And this lunch they had oysters.  And dinner they had some fish stock and some raw beef brain.  Well, Rami nagel suggested raw marrow, but brain is much cheaper.

Day 1 is done.  Gradually lessening the fruits.  I will only buy not really sweet fruits and fatty fruits.

Tomorrow I need to buy fish for sashimi and butter, and greens for juicing…. find a combination juice with some zing in it to entice the kids to drink up.

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