Merely Detoxing With No Change in Diet Will only take you so far

Lately I’ve been bumping onto friends and relatives who have been awakened to detox protocols as I state them at Bravo to them, they have matters in their own personal control. What bothers me is they it seems some of them are stuck with just the detox protocols and zero change in diet. I dare say diet is more than 50% of the cure.

Having Dr. Tam’s Miracle Tea as a stand by colon cleanser is a “Godsend” for many. They just increased their price from 1,500 pesos to 1,700 pesos per liter. Sometimes I think it is good that this herbal colon cleanser is expensive, that way, people do not abuse it. I have seen hard headed folks keep eating that constipating wheat / flour in all its harmful incarnations like pandesal, white bread, noodles, macaroni, pasta, pancit, cakes, crackers, biscuits. Then they become constipated and ask for the Miracle Tea… sure it works, but don’t you feel like a yoyo?

Then there’s the liver flushing society… great way to cleanse your liver, gallbladder of stones and muck. But if you keep drinking alcohol, keep eating fully cooked animal food… and I don’t care if it is fish or eggs or red meat… you fully cook it, it does not nourish your liver. Cooked animal food eating is a bad habit. Yes, humans need animal fat and animal protein… in its raw form! Then you wonder why stones keep forming. I put a stop to my liver flushing by switching to raw animal food.

And how about those chiropractor addicts? Do you really need to visit your chiropractor monthly? Do you really need to get a full body massage 3x a week? There must be something wrong somewhere else, right? Sure, you can afford this kind of treatment, but it sounds excessive to me. If you fixed your diet, you wouldn’t need so much of this.

Just because the detox protocols work does not mean you have to be dependent on them for the rest of your life. If you fixed your diet and bombarded yourself with the correct nutrition, then your body would be in automatic self cleansing and you wouldn’t need to rely on these detox protocols so much.

The ultimate diet I’m talking about is a Raw Paleolithic Diet with its many variations depending on what you have in your locale and your present state of health.  Raw organic fruit, raw organic vegetables, raw grass fed fatty red meat and other raw organic / wild animal foods.  Raw animal food are super foods… they lose their super status and may become harmful when cooked depending on your cooking style.

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