The H1N1 Swine Flu scam will cost the Philippines 19.84 Billion Pesos?

Media hystericals accomplished. Time to harvest what you planted: “The President is expected to ask Congress in her State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 27 to allocate P19.839 billion for a contingency fund to stock up on anti-flu vaccines and expand hospital and laboratory testing facilities in preparation for a worst-case scenario involving the Influenza A(H1N1) virus.”

Huge profits to be made everywhere regarding this hysteria. This is why I do not like being a good samaritan truth in health seeker. There is no money for my kind of good samaritan thinking. Sure, I’m healthy and my family is healthy. But I just sit in the sidelines and let other people make money. 19.84 billion pesos is a lot of money.

Maybe next time I will learn to keep my mouth shut and line up like a good businessman and get my piece of the profits. Oooohhh black hat operations. I don’t think my conscience can take that. Can you really sleep soundly at night earning your keep while at the same time these harmful vaccines do the actual killing and maiming of your fellow Filipinos? It happened in the 1976 swine flu in the USA. History is just repeating itself.

No local politician will be able to resist the global peer pressure. They will equally be damned by the majority who are already swine flu brainwashed if they resist the swine flu hysteria. The circus goes on.

If you are a responsible parent. Save your children from the swine flu / h1n1 hysteria. Do not let “them” poison your children. Lie to them point blank. Tell them you have had your shot. Teach your children to lie as well. There is no stopping the nazi mindset of today’s health officials. Lie to live.


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