Eating cooked animal foods is a bad habit that makes people sick and must be stopped

I have come to the conclusion that eating cooked animal foods every single day is a bad habit that contributes to people being sick. What is worse, is people usually cook animal food in the most atrocious manner, frying with vegetable cooking oil and barbecuing over charcoal. To make matters even worse, they eat that thoroughly cooked animal food with a starch like rice or potatoes or bread which requires opposite digestion. And they do this every single day.

The only reason people like cooked animal foods is because of the condiments, the artificial flavors put in them. This culinary art of making meat taste in various ways is a degeneration causing hobby. People’s sense of taste and smell are thwarted and confused because of artificial taste. Rotten meat, undeserving meat passes through your lips because it has been masked by the chef. Take the simple egg, a rotten raw egg will not pass by the scrutiny of your sense of smell and taste; but cooking the same rotten egg and you greedily consume the cooked rotten egg.

How to eat more raw animal food and seared food?

People should try eating plain cooked animal foods without condiments in them. This is the first step. Then you cook your animal food less and less. Sear your steaks on a pan without oil, not over charcoal or flame as these are highly polluting methods. Essentially, anything inside the steak is raw. Eat your animal food alone with its fat, some 20% visual raw / seared fat. Enjoy. Hold the condiments. Eat plain. This is real, natural animal food. Let your body, your taste adjust over the weeks. So you know how much you really need and crave for. Let the truth come out. Raw proteins are body builders while cooked proteins can be killers.

Eventually, completely raw beef / raw fish doesn’t taste so bad and you look forward to it. And the convenience cannot be beaten. No more slaving away at the kitchen.


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