Intro to cooked meat paleo diet / caveman diet for health

Here is a beginners video for those who want a better diet, better results, less diseases, more health, more happiness.  It’s called the paleo diet, the caveman diet.  Here is a short entertaining video with the introduction:  “Maybe the Caveman were on to something. Karney Hatch shows us that their diet, unsullied by artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup, might be just the thing.”

No bread, no rice, no pasta, no potatoes, no legumes, no no no no no!

Paleo diet is animal meat / innards / fat + vegetables + fruit. The beginners can begin with cooked. Get better with all organic / wild food. Get to be the best with all raw with high amounts of raw organic fat.

A fully raw paleo diet will let you achieve levels of health you never thought possible. This is what I’m experiencing and I’m just so happy I want all of you to experience it too.

There is a support forum for the beginners who still eat cooked animal food at

For those who wish to achieve higher levels of health by eathing RAW ANIMAL MEAT / INNARDS / FAT  go to the raw paleo forum at

You will notice the wide difference between cooked meat and raw meat eating.  Raw meat eating is vastly superior.  So superior there is no need for vitamins and supplements and drugs of any kind on the raw paleo forum.

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