Cory Aquino Dying and in Pain: Can you Please Give Her a Coffee Enema?

Hello to anyone near to the former President Cory Aquino. I am such a Cory Fan I am saddened that her suffering has come to this much pain. Can you please, please, please try giving her a coffee enema?

Painkiller drugs are no good because they merely mask that pain and do not go to the root cause. Pretty soon all the most powerful painkiller drugs are worthless because the liver cannot handle the added poison from the painkiller drugs.

A coffee enema is just like a warm water enema with a few differences:

– Prepare the patient by giving her a nutritious drink like 1 or 2 tablespoons of raw honey or raw black strap molasses.
– You lay the patient on her right side instead of left side.
– You use Batangas Barako pure coffee brewed and filtered. Just warm, not scalding.
– You insert the coffee until it fills her up until it reaches her liver. Ask her to hold that coffee inside.
– You then massage her tummy in a clockwise motion for 15 minutes.
– Then ask her to sit down in the toilet and blow that coffee out.

Patient should feel pain relief. The reason for a lot of cancer pain is that the liver is fully toxic and can no longer filter the blood of toxins. The coffee opens up the liver and the liver dumps its toxins out and it is flushed out immediately.

Can someone near Cory please do this coffee enema to her so she does not suffer from too much pain? Please?

There are no guarantees in this remedy, I only wish her pain to stop.

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