Seriously considering Beam Ray treatments for my son’s malnutrition or primary complex / tuberculosis

Our 8 year old boy is still small. My wife brought up the topic one evening. The Ka Rey Herbal supplementation alone does not seem to be working. Our son is still small, the other kids are catching up to him in height and heft.

He has been diagnosed by observation that he has tuberculosis / primary complex. No lab tests, just observation. Who cares about lab tests, the treatments are the same. All pointing to malnutrition. The best idea I’ve heard is to pump him and have him eat and eat and eat nutritious food. Maybe he needs more parental attention. I’m thinking he lacks digestive fire.

I’m thinking his digestion needs improvement. Daily eating of that rice plus cooked meat combination is digestion taxing. I do that kind of hard to digest exercise at most once a month just to exercise my digestion and give myself a hard time and let my digestion work on overdrive. But I think the daily filipino rice plus cooked meat combo is not doing any good for my son’s digestion.

I may just go for cooked paleo diet on my boy. That would give him better digestion. It would whet his appetite. Then give him cooked bielers’ soup. These are second stringer remedies, it’s too much to ask him to go fully raw paleo diet. Maybe we will evolve towards that goal.

On the other end of the spectrum, the germ theory spectrum, maybe he needs a boost by having the load of suspected germs obliterated on one full sweep by several days of Beam Ray sessions. I have talked with the Beam Ray operator Romy Macapagal and he says he will need 3 to 4 sessions every other day to get rid of tuberculosis / primary complex.

I did my own 1 session of Beam Ray a few weeks ago and found that yes, this powerful machine and its operator really works, it is real. I pooped buckets the following day and my pee stinked like hell. I expect something like that kind of after effect on my son so I had better prepare him fully for that event. I am contemplating and contemplating and contemplating.

My current plan is to begin the first Beam Ray zapping session on a Thursday, then Saturday, then Monday, then Wednesday. My boy will have to miss school during that time. I will have to monitor him every single day at that time and be with him every single moment at that time. I have to address his kidneys working on overdrive and his colon working on overdrive.

The risk I see is how his body handles the die off of the germs. It’s not as bad as the risks of the common anti-biotic drugs the medical industry usually prescribes without a care of the consequences. A week of full parental monitoring does not sound so bad. The anti-biotic alternative needs to be taken for 6 whole months. Now that is scary.

Me being treated by a beam ray machine
Me being treated by a beam ray machine

To learn more about the Beam Ray machine, the 21st century version of Royal Rife’s frequency generator in the mid 20th century, please see my blog post at



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