Beam Ray Session#1 against Tuberculosos / Primary Complex

Wednesday morning was our first session with the Beam Ray operated by Mr. Romy Macapagal and his daughter. We arrived late… boo hoo… rush hour traffic. On the way we bought some of our last junk food, the spicy dilis, which was available in the gas station just beside Magallanes Village gate. Spicy dilis keeps us entertained during the long process. It wasn’t really boring for me as I found chatting about healing with Mr. Romy Macapagal very much entertaining and mentally stimulating.

Besides my son, the whole gang got “beam rayed”, our driver, one nanny and myself. I wasn’t seated in the couch, I was behind but the beam ray machine works in a radius. The whole gang of people with my son needs to be disinfected as well to prevent future reinfection.

For those who still do not know, Beam Ray is a brand of computerized frequency generators operating on Raymond Royal Rife’s discovery and application of specific frequencies which cause mortal harm and eventual disintegration of germs, pathogens, parasites which may be causing diseases. Beam Ray is today’s most efficient and effective antibiotic because it is powerful enough to go through the entire body to even places where the blood cannot pass through; plus beam ray technology is a selective antibiotic as it only generates frequencies to obliterate the harmful germs and leaves the good germs alone.

In this first session, Mr. Romy Macapagal decided to use 2 beam ray machines at the same time. He says this shortens the amount of time needed. He says the 3 hours my son goes through is equivalent to 6 hours because there are 2 machines. He also thinks that if my son is beam rayed by 2 machines at the same time, any germ transformations to avoid a frequency is “boxed in” because there are 2 machines operating, each on a different frequency.

It was fun to see Mr. Romy and his daughter talk shop and make observations while operating the machines. They would take notes as to when a reaction would occur in us. A reaction is usually an itch which they think is triggered by the beam ray eliciting a response from the pathogens causing a person to itch. Seems our nanny didn’t itch one bit.

I wanted to do some internet work with my laptop plus 2 different cellular broadband carriers but there was hardly any signal inside the house and besides, the beam ray they say generates frequencies that interfere with cellular broadband transmissions. I planned to keep my son entertained by loading some Star Wars clone wars videos playing on my laptop but Mr. Romy said that even my tiny EEEPC may generate frequencies that may interfere with the beam ray treatment. No matter. My son stuck it out. The driver slept, the nanny slept.

Results at home? I prepared avocado leaves tea to help our kidneys immediately clean up our blood due to dead pathogens. I peed yellowish pee and stinky pee. We were all tired upon getting home and I stank. So my son and I took a shower at the same time. Driver went home immediately. The nanny didn’t feel a thing…. maybe she didnt have any pathogens in her. Mr. Romy thinks I had the most reactions and that I may be the more probably source of reinfection for my son.

As for my grandmother’s theory or vision that my son may have gotten sick because of our current driver, that is addressed by my driver getting himself beam rayed the same time as us.

Note that I do not believe in single therapies. I believe in concerted efforts to address problems from multiple angles. This beam ray handles the parasite / pathogen / germ theory angle. Raw beef muscle blood and raw beef muscle and fat address many nutritional deficiencies. Raw cow milk is just another form of blood that addresses nutritional deficiencies. Rest and fresh air address other things. Raw oysters is the champion in zinc supplementation where zinc is a precursor to many enzyme reactions. My son had finished his spinal adjustment and energy healing via Dorn and Carmen Bees machine with Dr. Bien Castro.

Session #1 with the beam ray machine worked out fine. We are ready for session #2 tomorrow.

This is what a beam ray machine looks like. View the video.

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