Beam Ray Session #2 longer hours with just 1 machine

Beam Ray session #2 for my son’s tuberculosis / primary complex took a lot longer this time. Mr. Romy Macapagal was expecting other patients and could use only one beam ray machine on my son and the whole gang: myself, the driver, a nannie.

Luckily, the other patient cancelled and there was an available machine again. Mr. Romy trained the machine on himself for some treatment. I asked about my son’s right arm with the suspected fungus on his rough spot. So he turned on the fungus program.

I said there was a slight annoyance with some herpes on me when I go for 2 days with not much sleep due to work, so he turned on the herpes program on me. Cool, maybe now I can abuse myself for more work.

My boy and I itched during the tuberculosis bovine cycle. Romy Macapagal thinks it may be from the raw cow’s milk. Okay, let’s try abstaining from the raw cow’s milk for my boy’s treatment.

Each Beam Ray session takes a lot out of my time. I can’t do any computer work since it interferes with the beam ray frequencies. Aimee tells the story of a young girl playing with her PSP while being beam rayed and she does not scratch when she’s playing with the psp, but the moment she puts down the PSP, she starts scratching.

So be prepared with a book or some playing cards while being beam rayed to make use of your time. No, you cannot view videos or television as that interferes too.

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