Plan to give my boys more daily sunlight, go to school earlier

My 8 year old boy who was diagnosed with tuberculosis is progressing well. He has finished a full course of beam ray treatments which should get rid of the TB germs… kill them all; and his diet is now a paleolithic diet with daily raw or seared grass fed batangas beef and on a high fat and low carb diet. My boy’s carbs only come from fruits.

The other thing with have to fix is his daily dose of sunlight. Prospects are not good right now due to the rainy season. But we have thought of a way to give him the opportunity to get better sunlight… adjust his going to school schedule.

Currently he and his brother with the nannie and the driver leave around 7:15am which gets them to school just exactly on time before 8am. We need to make them leave before 7am everyday so he and his brother have some 30 minutes to play in the playground. Make them wear sandos to get maximum sun exposure. Their real outfit is given to them to change into just 5 minutes before bell time. The nannie can do that.

Sounds like a good plan. Get some 20 minutes of sun exposure everyday.

In the meantime we got good sun exposure today when we went up the Sierra Madre mountains and I had the kids running around topless while my wife played the harp in the open field. The kids had lots and lots of running fun. I shouted to the top of my lungs at the mountains and succeeded in having the boys shout their loudest as well. Shouting at the top of your voice is one of the techniques taught by Vander Gaditano to fix lung problems.

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